Whisper Pride Pack – Excerpt

Sliding out of his chair and into the one beside her, Conan placed his hand on the back of Josie's head and lowered his lips to hers. After a few seconds of delay, in which he was worried he had moved too fast, she responded.

The kiss became quickly heated. She wrapped her hands around his neck and groaned into his mouth. Their tongues dueled with each other. He could smell her arousal as her heat surrounded him. She wanted this as badly as he did. He pulled her against his body until they were so close he could feel her stiff nipples poking against his chest.

"Um, excuse me," a female's polite voice drifted over him.

Shit, he had totally forgotten where they were. He could have taken his mate there and then—over the table, against the wall, he didn't care. Looking at Josie's face, he knew she felt the same, but she was now blushing an adorable deep shade of red. He turned to see their waitress standing there with their bill, also with a blush on her cheeks.

"Your bill," she simply stated. "Anything else I can help you with?"

"No, thank you." He placed the money inside the small leather wallet with a generous tip and stood, taking hold of Josie's hand and walking out of the pub toward his Range Rover.

His wolf was growling at him to finish what he had started.

Although the car was parked right outside, it seemed like miles. When he finally got to the damn vehicle he pushed her gently against the side, lowered his head, and ravished her lips again. He had honestly thought she might have come to her senses and either pushed him away or deny that this should go on, him being her boss and all, even with the pull of them being mates. But thank the moon she didn't. She was just as hungrily eating at his lips as he was hers. He ground his erection against her stomach while cupping her breast through her shirt. Shit, he wanted inside her so bad. Pulling back, they were both panting. He looked into her lust-filled eyes and knew that his looked just the same.

"Your place or mine?" he asked gruffly.

The answering giggle that turned into a full-blown, hysterical laugh was definitely not the reaction he was looking for.