The Protectors, Volume 1 – Excerpt

Erin's Protector Excerpt:

Erin had a feeling she was being watched. Thinking it was her sister trying to get her attention, she searched the crowd. She paused and froze on the spot as she stared at eyes that held her in their grip. Light brown eyes filled with lust, and something else, something she couldn't explain—it was like looking into an old, weary soul, and it slowly becoming bright again.

Erin tore her gaze away and looked down at the person those eyes belonged to. He was tall, well over six feet, and all muscle. His jet black hair was short except for the fringe that sat over his eyes. She gulped and took a step back as he gave her a dazzling smile and walked toward her. Holy crap! He was gorgeous, and he was coming her way.

Distracted, Erin bumped into a chair behind her and dropped the plate she held. Averting her gaze, she looked at the woman sitting in the seat she'd crashed into. "I'm so sorry, ma'am." She reached down to help the woman get the food off her.

"Don't. Don't touch Edina, she needs another child like she needs her tail cut off."

Startled by the sharp voice telling her not to touch the woman, Erin turned to see a small, pregnant woman with brown eyes and dark hair.

"You can touch me. I don't think you could get me any more pregnant." The woman smiled and grabbed her arm. "You're here with the catering company? I bet you don't know what they've brought you into?"

Erin frowned. "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't know what you're talking about."

"Faith. My name is Faith, not ma'am, that makes me sound old. I can see from your name tag you're Erin." She held out her hand and Erin looked down at it.

Lexie's Protector Excerpt:

Duke lay on the beach, basking in the Australian sun. He'd arrived from England a couple of days ago. The Australian shifters needed help with the growing number of demons. He'd offered to move and help with the demon threat.

He was seventy-nine and didn't have many years left in him before he went feral and they got rid of him. Shifters didn't last past their hundredth year without their mate, and Duke hadn't been lucky enough to find his. He'd searched all of Europe for her and never came across her. Duke hoped now that he was in Australia that Faith, the seer, might help him find his mate. She was known around the world for finding shifters their mates or placing them close so they could find each other.

Since arriving in Australia his wolf had been quieter than usual, only coming out when Duke needed him. He'd been fighting the demon threat every night since he arrived. Duke hadn't been this active with the fight for humanity in years. Europe had a much larger population of shifters. Australia seemed to be struggling with their numbers. Duke was thinking he would talk to his old community and tell them the situation was worse than what they had been told. He was sure if he told them, more would come over. Duke liked Australia so far and had a neat three bedroom house with more land than he could ever hope for. He knew many other shifters would love what he now had.

Listening as the waves crashed to the shore, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the soothing sounds. Duke's wolf suddenly awoke from within him as he opened his eyes to the afternoon sun, realizing he'd fallen asleep. Giggling reached his ears. The sound of the musical delight had him on full alert.

"It's nice to know you think I'm hot, Jamie. I'm flattered, really, but I do not need to try a redhead. Or be shown that the carpet matches the drapes. I love having you as a friend and don't want to ruin it with sex."

Duke sat up and looked around for Jamie, the brother of the head alpha wolf, and the woman the beautiful voice belonged to.

"Oh, we won't ruin it. I'm too good. Come on, Lex, there is some lust going on between us. I know you want me and my body. I bet you've dreamed of it since you moved here."

Duke stood up as Lex laughed, and that's when he saw her—long blonde hair, big blue eyes, small petite frame, and a smile that had him stumbling back as his heart thundered in his chest and his wolf howled without even smelling her. Mate.