The Meeting Point – Excerpt

Deborah's stomach fluttered and lurched at the same time as the guard walked away, leaving her alone in the corridor so close to her lover. Her legs felt heavy and frail, and she leaned forward, hands on knees, to catch her breath. Keep control now, she told herself while her spirit threatened to desert her. Closing her eyes, she inhaled and stood up straight. She strode toward the door and stopped, her heart sinking. Of course, it would be locked, wouldn't it? Cursing herself for being so naïve, she tried the handle and was amazed when it clicked and the door clunked open.

"Who's there?" Marcus snapped from inside. "I told you, I've had enough tonight. I'm tired."

With trembling arms, Deborah pulled the heavy door toward her.

He was hunched forward in a chair by the bed facing away from her. Deborah watched him slump further when the door squeaked open a little more.

"Please," he said, his voice weary and quiet, "leave me alone."

A lump swelled in Deborah's throat as she stepped over the threshold. "It's me," she whispered, but no sound came out. The atmosphere darkened.

Marcus rose violently and threw the chair to the floor. Deborah almost choked with fright.

He turned angrily, his black robe billowing, making him look sinister as a raven. "I said," he snarled, teeth bared, and Deborah tried her best to stand her ground, but fear melted her limbs and she slumped to the floor, shaking.

In a breath, he was cradling her. Hands stroking her face and hair, exploring her, searching her.

"Is it you?" He took her by the shoulders and squeezed her hard. "Is it… Is it really you?"

Pain, longing, terror, and love streaked across his face all at once and Deborah began to grow under the glare.

"Yes," she whispered, her voice not letting her down this time. "Yes, it's me. I'm here, Marcus, I'm here."

He pulled her into his chest and wept over her hair. Deborah inhaled his scent, wrapping her arms around his torso and up under his sweater as he rocked her back and forth.

"Oh God, how I've missed you."

The words came out in great sobs and Deborah was overwhelmed at his reaction. She squeezed tighter, hoping it would hold his emotions together and not send him spiraling out of control.

"I've searched for such a long time. Such a long time. I thought I'd never hold you again."

She could barely breathe, inhaling shallow hiccup breaths as he squeezed. If she wanted to, she could slip through, right through, into the very soul of him right now. It was a tantalizing thought and she let her physical self go.

"No!" She was being shouted at and shaken. "Wake up! Deborah, my God. I'm sorry."

Deborah came to, scared once again by his strength and size. What was going on here? Had he lost all sense of scale? Deborah put her hands to her chest and breathed in reviving air, air revved and electric with his aura.

He was smoothing her hair gently once more, his eyes filled with fear. "I thought I'd killed you. I'm so sorry. I—"

Deborah leaned into his lips, tasting her true love for the first time in eight long years. It was the same exquisite Marcus and her mouth watered for his kiss. It came. Soft at first, then hard and fast, devouring her lips, skimming her teeth with his tongue and tangling up in hers. She met him lick for lick, mouths undulating together with need, sorrow, regret, and joy. Deborah couldn't believe the whirlwind of emotions being explored through this one kiss. The kiss where souls collide…