The Darkest Winter – Excerpt

Sarah set her tea cup on the side table and sat on Nick's lap. She kissed one cheek and then the other. "Nothing could keep me away from you, my love," she whispered against his ear.

He let out a low grunt. She knew he liked the low timber of her voice. When her lips glided along his neck, she took her time, savoring Nick's intoxicating scent and the softness of his skin. Heaven help me! She loved every part of him.

He let her kiss and touch him. With every press of her lips, the hunger for him grew within her. A gasp left her throat when Nick moved her across his thighs to straddle him. Through his trousers, she felt his length. She pressed against his body. His lips turned into a boyish grin.

"My little vixen," he said, kissing her neck.

The rumble of his voice sent ripples of heat through her. She bit her lower lip, holding back a smile. She liked when he teased her. She liked when he touched her. Mmm.

His tongue glided along her neck. He made her tremble with excitement and anticipation. Sparks exploded behind her closed eyes as Nick unbuttoned her blouse collar. His warm breath found the bare skin above her breasts. She gasped once more.

"Nick," she whispered. She wanted his mouth on the sensitive peak of her breast. She wanted his lips all over her.

Nick groaned, pushing away the cotton fabric from her erect nipple. His tongue teased and twirled, causing a sweet tugging between her thighs. She gently pressed his head against her chest, savoring his touch as much as he savored her. She pushed her thighs a bit more against his pulsing hardness.

"I want you," Nick said, looking at her with desire in his eyes.

Sarah lifted to let Nick caress the spot between her thighs. His fingers found their way up and pushed aside the fabric of her undergarment. She gasped when his fingertips explored her wet folds. Her depths pulsed. One more flick of his thumb and he would drive her over the edge, but before she went over, Nick slipped his hot length inside her.

She bit her lower lip and held onto him. Nick cupped her face and glided his other thumb along her mouth. She captured him in a kiss, pouring all her love for him into it. Their tongues twirled and danced while their bodies joined. Their surroundings faded. Their ragged breaths and thundering hearts blended into this magical moment.

Commotion and shouts echoing outside the study startled Sarah. She looked at Nick.

"I'll see what's going on. Wait here." Nick shifted her gently from his lap. He kissed Sarah's cheek and rose from the chair, fixing his trousers before heading to the door.

Sarah fixed her blouse with trembling fingers. Her heart pounded. She chewed on her bottom lip while she waited for Nick to return. Within minutes he rushed back into the room.

"There's a fire in the kitchen. I'm sure we will get it under control." He gave her a reassuring smile. "Gather some things, quickly, just to be safe." His hands steadied her shaky arms.

His calm tone soothed her, yet a hint of panic gnawed at her. When Nick walked away, Sarah ran after him. "Where are you going?"

He kissed her cheek. "I'm going to help extinguish the fire."

"Be careful."

He grinned again. "I will. Now gather what we need, just in case."

She nodded.

When Nick left the study, Sarah took a deep breath and hurried upstairs. Once in the bedroom, she searched for her valise. Quickly, she gathered some clothes for her and Nick, and her great aunt's jewels. She prayed the fire would be under control soon. The silent room contrasted with the pounding of her heart.

Everything will be all right.

A loud crash then gunshots reached her ears.

She froze.