Taylor Clark-Burger

T Clark-Burger
Taylor Clark-Burger is an assistant general manager at a hotel in Michigan. She has always had a passion for writing and art. Taylor enjoys spending time reading in the comfort of her home with her two favorite yorkies, Caspian and Mokah. Taylor also enjoys creating new stories and is inspired the more she writes. Taylor enjoys writing paranormal romance/fiction.

Taylor's most important accomplishment is the creation and completion of her first book.

Taylor attended Kaplan and DeVry University to obtain her Associates in Health Information Technology. She recently decided to take a break from school to pursue a writing career which she is passionate about.

You can find her at the following places:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/clarkagurl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/clarkagurrl
Email: tedoclark3@gmail.com

by Taylor Clark-Burger