Taming the Hunted – Excerpt

Gabriel's hand shot out as if to steady Marian, but instead dropped to trace the length of her arm. A trail of fire followed his contact. As he reached the tips of her fingers, he paused before letting his hand drop to his side. Her body slumped, wanting to follow that tantalizing hand back to its owner. One thing stopped her, her mind remained clear; he wasn't controlling her as he'd tried to do earlier. He must have felt secure with her in this building.

"Why did you bring me here, to what I assume is your house?" She had to find out more about this man and this place if she hoped to get home in one piece.

He nodded. "You passed out and since I don't know where you live, I thought it best to bring you here until you felt better."

He watched her as he lowered himself into a chair on one side of the room. Her gaze moved to the bulge in his slacks. A gust of air pushed from her lungs as she tried to clear her head.

"What?" she asked when he didn't appear to want to share his thoughts. Her hand slipped to the small of her back where she gripped the comforting flat hilt of her silver dagger.

"You're quite fascinating when you sleep."

He slid deeper in the chair, his lips parted as if he tasted her in the air, those large hands flexed over his taut stomach.

"You watched me! That's so…" Hot, sweet, sexy, weird. "Weird."

"Who is Lione?" he asked, not looking disturbed about invading her personal time.

"None of your business. And for the record, pal," she snapped, crossing the room and jabbing a finger in his chest. "No more watching me. My dreams are my business." She knew she talked in her sleep and shuddered at the thought of what he may have heard.

"So you intend on staying here again?" He grinned, showing a wide mouth full of almost sharp, white teeth, cased in broad lips.

Marian felt her face heat and took an unconscious step back. His eyes sparkled in the artificial light of the city and she noticed for the first time that they were yellow, not light brown, but yellow like a lion. She leaned toward him, coming within inches of his face. Realizing what she was doing, she shook herself. His hands were faster than her resolve. Before she could move away from him, he grasped her face, pausing for just a moment before pressing his lips hard against hers.