Summer's Surrender – Excerpt

A sly grin crossed Autumn's face. Summer's eyes narrowed as she studied her sister.

"Okay, why are you sporting that I'm-up-to-something smile?" Summer's hands fisted on her hips. "It's devious and unnerving."

Autumn's smile broadened. "My buyer is very interested in this building."

"I don't know why that would concern me."

Her sister beckoned someone from the outside.

Summer whirled around. "What the hell?" she muttered. The buzzer sounded as a man entered. "What have you done?" she whispered to her sister under her breath.

A quick flash of surprise widened his eyes before he collected himself. Summer doubted she was the only person set up with this reunion.

"Don't worry. You'll thank me…eventually," Autumn answered before greeting the visitor. "Welcome back, Ian."

Accepting the handshake Autumn offered, he said, "It's great to see you again." He faced Summer. "How are you?"

His obsidian eyes swept the length of her, up and down, his gaze leaving a trail of goose pimples on her skin. The man had been able to set her aflame when she was eighteen. And he was still able to now.

As much as she reacted to him sexually, he also set her teeth on edge, infuriating her.

"I'm fine, Ian." She cleared her throat. "I didn't know you were in Dover."

A black eyebrow rose as he looked at Autumn.

"Ah…it must have slipped my mind," she said in defense of herself. A broad grin belied that comment.

Summer's eyes narrowed again. "Uh-huh. Sure." She faced Ian. "So, are you here for good?"

He leaned against a pegboard display, arms crossed over his chest and his feet crossed at the ankle. "Would you like me to be back for good, Summer?"

The man was still an Adonis. His hair had been longer when he'd left Dover, not its current style of short on the side, longer on top, which accentuated his stunningly handsome face. High, slashing cheekbones left shadowed hollows that accented his straight nose and intense onyx eyes. His tall frame—about six inches taller than hers—was showcased in denim and a gray thermal shirt with a white t-shirt over it. He still looked every bit a rock star.

He had worn Doc Martens when he'd moved and still wore them now. They looked well-worn and were likely the same pair.

Her gaze met his. "What I wanted never mattered. Why would it now? It's your life. You chose Los Angeles and wild parties full of alcohol and drunk groupies." She shrugged.

"Is that what you think?" A muscle in his jaw twitched as he straightened to full height and crowded her. His breath bathed her neck in warmth, his goatee brushed against her highly sensitized skin, causing her to tremble and leaving a trail of heat in its wake. "Is that what you think? We wanted each other before."

Before she could stop herself, her hand was resting on his chest. Good Lord, his pecs were solid. Her mind flashed to the look of his body at twenty-two years old, the last time she'd seen him in person. He was built then. Bitterness flashed hot, tangling desire and darkness, mixing pleasure with regret.

He laughed softly. "And it looks like we still want each other."

His tone, low and seductive, wrapped around her mind. She couldn't—no, she wouldn't permit him to weave a sorcerer's spell around her. Instead, she allowed the question to stoke the fire, adding fuel to it. She shoved him backward. He stumbled into the display rack, but stayed on his feet.

Her chest heaved with each inhalation. "You arrogant, egotistical bastard," she hissed. "It's good that I think with my brain and not my body these days."

"Whoa." Autumn stepped between them. "No need for pushing and shoving."

"Goodbye, Ian." She faced her traitorous sister. "I'll deal with you later."

"Ha. You love me and you know it," Autumn retorted.

"I don't know why." Summer risked a quick glance at Ian. Heat banked in his eyes, sending scorching waves over her, mixing with anger, leaving her needy…and pissed off.