Steal Me, Cowboy – Excerpt

Troy was inside the barn and walked toward her with a bag of feed on his shoulder.

"Good morning," he said, dropping the bag down by his feet. "I wasn't expecting to see you."

"Yes, well, I was attempting to get my beauty sleep when Braden called. Apparently your phone isn't working," Melissa informed him.

"I think you got just the right amount of sleep."

Huh? Then it dawned on her what he meant. The man was sex on a stick and hard to resist. The way he smiled at her made her want to flirt back, but that wasn't a good idea. Her brothers would flip out on her, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy his compliments.

"Your phone?" she asked.

"Is dead. I passed out when I got home last night and forgot to charge it."

"Fun evening?"

"Maybe if you'd stuck around."

She giggled. "And how would I have helped your fun?"

He came toward her, and as much as she should put some distance between them, she liked whatever this playful thing between them was. His woodsy scent attacked her, making her knees weak.

"I'd like to have gotten you on the dance floor," he said.

"Really? And what makes you think I'd dance with you?"

"I think you like me."

"Ha! Little full of yourself?" She stepped away from him. "Sorry, but you're not my type."

"Are you sure?"

One hundred percent. "Yeah. For one, you're old."

"I'm in my mid-thirties."

"And I'm twenty-three."

"Age is only a number." He shifted on his feet, getting closer to her.

"You have another strike against you too."

"Enlighten me."

"You're a cowboy. I don't date cowboys."

He crossed his arms. "Seriously?"

She nodded. "Yup. I don't plan on spending my life on a ranch, contrary to what my parents might want for me."

"I guess that's a big strike against me."

"A very big one. Plus, you're my brother's friend. Gross."

He laughed and picked up the bag of feed. "You might be fooling yourself, but I know better. Don't stare at my ass too hard as I walk past you." He winked.

She huffed, but didn't say anything. As he passed her, she tried her best not to look at his backside in the tight jeans, but damn it, she was attracted to him.

"Great ass, huh?"

She sighed loudly then hurried out of the barn and toward her car. Once inside, she gazed at the handsome man as he poured food into the trough for the bulls. If he wanted to play these kinds of games with her, he had no idea the can of worms he'd just opened.