Slave to His Desires – Excerpt

"I don't want you to fear me. I won't beat you or hurt you." He stared deeply into her eyes for a few seconds and then said, "The seers say the eyes are windows to the mind and heart."

Vague much? "Earth…says…almost same."

More words seemed to be filling in Madison's gaps. She understood him, but translating the words in her head into speech was challenging.

"I must go into the office. Rex, the man who left with Raette, he's my business partner and believe me when I say he'll be none too pleased that I'm already late. I'll see you tonight, Meekra."

She couldn't understand his last word, it didn't translate in her head. She nodded, and he quickly left. Turning, she looked at the pixie and mute.

"Hi." They both just looked at her. Maybe they didn't have the translator thing. She tried again. "Hi."

"You are going to be nothing but a sex object. I feel that it's beneath me to speak to you." The pixie's words shocked her.

Great, a class hierarchy among slaves. Super, looks like I'm at the bottom. Oh, joy. As if being a slave wasn't bad enough.

"I care for Master. I cook, I clean, I bathe, and I satisfy everything he needs. I wish you weren't here." She folded her arms and turned so that Madison couldn't see her face. Her little wings kept fluttering, suspending her eye level with Madison even if she was only two feet tall.

Bathe? Was the man that lazy? The way the little pixie said "satisfy" made Madison think of sex. If he already had a sex slave-maid, what purpose would she serve?

"I wish I was home. It doesn't seem that anyone is going to get their wish today. So what does a slave do? We don't have slaves on my world."

The pixie looked shocked. "How do menial tasks get done?"

"Hired workers."

"Your world isn't very smart."

"You suck." Madison had no idea where she would or could go, but she didn't want to stick around for Tinker Bell to insult her.

The word "suck" didn't seem to make sense to the winged brat, because she just looked confused as Madison whirled and stomped toward the door. Suddenly she felt the crushing force of arms around her waist. Goliath the mute had hold of her.