The Tranquil Hunters Pride

The Tranquil Hunters Pride


Unbeknownst to her, Maddy has an enemy who wants to kill her. Greyback is determined to protect her, even if he has to kidnap her to do it.

Maddy hasn’t had the best of luck. She was found on the steps of a church as a baby, then her adoptive parents died in a car crash and she spent years in foster care. Now she finds herself being kidnapped by a sexy man with a six-pack named Greyback.

Grey claims to have known her birth parents. He also claims to be a lion shifter. Oh, and he says she’s his mate. And if all that wasn’t enough, he also claims there’s someone out there—an ex-pack member—who wants to kill her.

Can Greyback keep Maddy safe, and will they find love in the process?

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

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