Jemma and Raven find forever on the eve of war.

Jemma Cardnew is hard-nosed and determined. Her life consisted of growing up in an orphanage, only to be kidnapped and dumped at the academy without choice by those in charge of the Elector. She deems anyone telling her how to live her life to be high-handed. That includes Raven, the ship’s gorgeous engineer, no matter how much she feels emotionally drawn to him.

Raven Fraser has a multitude of problems: the power matrix of the Elector is leaving the ship unprotected and afloat in space while Crick Sur Banden taunts the Empire, leaving them on the verge of war. And the woman he dreams of is avoiding him, playing havoc with his concentration.

Thrust together under trying circumstances, the promise of explosive passion consumes them both as they attempt to save the Empire.

Content Warning: Space travel, violence, and evil aliens abound

Note: This book has been previously published.

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