Love at the End of the World

Love at the End of the World



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Five stories of couples who just might find love at the end of the world. That is, if they can survive.

His Bounty by Jaye Shields

After the nuclear war decimated much of the population, causing widespread infertility, the Stork Company became a billion-dollar industry. Caleb Black is the company’s top bounty hunter, bringing in healthy men and women to contribute to the breeding program and put babies into the hands of wealthy citizens. Few people willingly sign up to be a breeder, so hunters need to be tough and devoid of emotion. But Caleb’s newest target cracks his hardened heart.

Aurora Jones grew up in the Alaskan bush. Adept at living off the land, she’s thrived when others have failed to survive life post-nuclear war. She spends the majority of her time alone at her cabin, so when a handsome stranger shows up, curiosity gets the best of her. And it quickly turns into desire.

Caleb falls for the beautiful woman and decides he’d rather die than turn her into the Stork Company. But when she finds out who he really is and why he’s in Alaska, will the betrayal end the only chance he’s ever known of love?

Heaven for Us by Beth D. Carter

Jo was one of the lucky ones. She survived the virus that decimated eighty-five percent of the world’s population and now searches for a sanctuary in a ruined world. She trusts no one, keeping to herself, until she meets Luke and his daughter, Casey.

Suddenly she’s involved, and emotions she thought she had iced over long ago invade her self-imposed isolation. The more time she spends with Luke, the more she wants him, leaving her conflicted. Does she stay with him? Or will she continue her trek to find a heaven among the apocalypse?

Heart of Survival by Ashlynn Monroe

McKaye Tanner lost everything when the world ended. She grew into adulthood without anyone she could trust. She’s not sure what’s left of civilization, but from what she’s seen, it’s not much.

Reece Rogers has worked hard to keep his small band of survivors alive. He doesn’t take any bullshit or risks. But when he sees a young woman running from a group of the contaminated he can’t turn his back on her and takes a gamble to save her.

Can two battle-scarred, lonely people find love in a world that wants to destroy everything good about being human?

The Reset by Imogene Nix

Elaine is just an ordinary woman, but when the apocalypse occurs, she must find a way to survive in an increasingly hostile world. Enter Liam, the policeman who saves her at their first meeting and provides assistance as they try to cope with the zombie outbreak brought about by an unknown infection that’s spreading out of control.

Together they form a community, trying to save as many lives as they can, a place where people can be safe. Even in the throes of disaster though, emotions creep up, taking both of them by surprise. Who knows? They might just get their happy ever after…if they can survive.

The New Era by C. L. Scholey

By the twenty-third century much of Earth was destroyed. Mother Nature played a significant part, but so too did the numerous meteors that slammed into the world. The Superiors, a self-aware intelligence, went online soon after their creator, Jason Superior—a kind man who abhorred violence or suffering of any kind—sent a signal to a lone satellite. The system’s intelligence grew as Jason continued to add his own ideals until his passing.

The Superiors began to take control of the world and the few remaining survivors. Their approach to saving life was to destroy those who were capable of misguided influential acts. Only the innocent were allowed to live. Until they became not as innocent. This is their story.

Content Warning: these stories contain sexual content

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