In His Alien Hands

In His Alien Hands


Water Warriors by C. L. Scholey

Sex with a water warrior takes the word ‘wet’ to a whole new level!

Arax, leader of the water warriors, strives to save the life of a foul-mouthed, annoying shrew who is dying in his arms. The human female’s injuries are so fierce there is no hope for her unless they put her in a healing machine that’s never before been used on a human. The machine causes irreversible side effects, and now Arax needs help taking care of the female he feels responsible for. He’s left with no alternative but to go to dead Earth and hope he can salvage another human. As luck would have it a drowning vessel might just carry his salvation, and a new chance at finding love. If Meadow will have Arax, and if he can keep both females safe from a terror that lurks within the waters of his world.

Trace of Humanity by Juliet Cardin

The fate of humanity rests with him.

Alien sleeper cells on Earth are awakened when invaders threaten the planet. For thousands of years Sentinels have walked among us, awaiting the moment they would be called into action. Josie’s boyfriend Bane is a Sentinel. Instantly, he becomes a cold-hearted, single-focused machine, bent on ensuring humanity’s survival. Josie barely recognizes the man she once knew. Though Bane is determined to protect Josie and secure the small town they escaped to, she can’t help but look upon him with trepidation and suspicion. She wonders if Bane is really intent on keeping her and the others alive, or if he’s actually the real threat they face.

Content Warning: these stories contain strong language and sexual content

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