I Dream of Zombies

I Dream of Zombies


What if the zombie plague careening through Australia was the result of a government conspiracy? One that goes all the way to the highest levels.

Seasoned Mission Specialist Julia Carter lost her mother and sister to the virus, and she’s sure her stepfather is involved. The only question is how. When she’s given a team to lead into Canberra to retrieve him and a passel of scientists, she’s not happy.

Complications arise in the form of Damien Leroy, who arrives at Camp Queanbeyan running from the loss of his fiancée. He has secrets that could split apart the fragile networks between the existing camps.

But when the chips are down and there’s a possible cure on the horizon, things will only get worse.

Content Warning: contains some graphic fight scenes, a couple who come together against great odds, and sexual content

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