Full Pursuit

Full Pursuit


When the gloves come off, the cuffs snap on.

After being pulled over for speeding—while wearing nothing but her underwear—Nicole Greyson just wants to put the whole humiliating incident behind her. Unfortunately, fate has other plans when she discovers the policeman who pulled her over is the best man in her twin sister’s upcoming wedding. As if dealing with her perfect sister getting married first isn’t hard enough, now she has to do it with him standing beside her. Try as she might, she can’t escape his smug personality or his rugged good looks.

Chase Crawford has been content on his own for years, happy to get lost in the rules and routine of his career. Intrigued and captivated by the mysterious Nicole, he can’t stop working to break down her barriers. Helping her deal with her outrageous family and her obsessive ex-boyfriend is the key to winning her over, but when her resolve finally begins to waver, will Chase’s past extinguish the fire that burns between them?

Content Warning: Sex, stalking, and strong language present.

**Zip file contains the following formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), and epub (for Nook).**