After his lover was murdered, Rai swore off all romantic involvements. Will that now keep him from claiming his future?

Demon Rai Brethor is a loner. Centuries after the murder of his lover, he’s made a life for himself in the mortal world. After bodies begin to appear on the beach bordering his home, he suspects the goddess he’d previously shunned is responsible. When he meets the man investigating the crimes, Rai must overcome the desire and attraction the handsome cop stirs within him.

Police Corporal Jensen Bennet has made solving murders a personal challenge. As the body count piles up at the feet of the elusive and enigmatic Rai Brethor, he begins to dig deeper into the man’s mysterious background. Attraction to his prime suspect makes his job even more difficult.

Nothing will prepare either of them for the truth. Nor will they truly understand why their meeting is so important. Can an immortal demon and a mortal cop find middle ground, or will the war building within the immortal realms destroy any chance they have for a happily ever after?

Content Warning: sexual content, profanity, and violence

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