Dragon's Heart: Melanie's Men

Dragon's Heart: Melanie's Men


Two bears shifters plus a camping trip with a feisty schoolteacher equals fun and adventure, but trouble is lurking around the corner.

Melanie had a hard, lonely childhood, but she overcame her obstacles and now she has a job she loves—a nursery school teacher in a small village—and a group of friends that she loves even more. When she’s visiting a friend in London, she meets two gorgeous men and shocks herself by spending the night with them. She thinks it will just be a one-night stand, because what more could it be?

A few weeks later, as school lets out for the summer, Melanie is preparing to go on a camping trip, wanting to spend some time alone enjoying nature—something she does on a fairly regular basis. But Brock and Cole show up on her doorstep, wanting to join her. She still feels incredibly drawn to both of them and finds it impossible to deny their request.

Brock and Cole have spent years searching for their mate, the woman who would complete their trio. As soon as they met Melanie they knew she was the one. But she has no idea they’re bear shifters. Convincing her to spend a night with them wasn’t too hard, but will they be able to convince her to spend the rest of her life with them?

When they run into trouble, Melanie discovers that her lovers are not exactly what they seem to be. And she has to process this information in the midst of dealing with a potentially deadly danger.

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

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