Crunchy Side Down

Crunchy Side Down


It’s crunch time.

Alice had Nathan pegged as a womanizing jerk, and she would have been right if they’d met a day earlier. But after pledging to be the best uncle of all time for his new baby nephew, Nathan is keen to change his ways. His first step is to quit smoking, and Alice’s massages are the secret weapon to keep him on track. Despite his efforts to resist, sparks fly between them. That is, until she discovers he once had a thing with her mum.

Startling family secrets leave Alice wondering if love is nothing more than a fabricated myth, and with troubles of his own Nathan might readily agree. But when the pain of grief is combined with lists for how to manage life, yoga, and a baking contest, it may just be enough to heal their broken, crunchy hearts.

Content Warning: contains some sexual content and explicit language

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