Burning Rain

Burning Rain


Amid the turmoil of war, an outcast will rise to save the one his heart yearns for.

Within a vampire village a young male is reduced to nothing more than bloody entertainment. Feared for his terrifying visions and hated for his difference in appearance, Kassiel has been forced to fight in the arena from a young age. Now half-starved and with no hope of freedom or a life beyond the fights, he waits for the mercy of death.

On the cusp of death, he’s thrown from the village. Kassiel is saved by a dragon shifter who takes him back to the caves of his leader.

Fierce, loyal, governed by the rules of his god, Mali’x hunts for followers who will help in the fight for the future of all immortals. When he stumbles upon the young vampire, starved and clinging to life, Mali’x is horrified by the cruelty of the villagers. The torture and abuse Kassiel suffered sets Mali’x's teeth on edge, and he swears justice will be served. In the eyes of this outcast vampire, Mali’x sees himself in the not so distant past.

What Mali’x doesn’t know is that in Kassiel he will find not only a powerful ally, but perhaps the other half of his soul. However, dark magic conspires to keep them apart. Kassiel will have to face his greatest fears and find a way to save not only himself but his lover.

Content Warning: male/male sex, strong language, and violence

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