A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust


Will trauma from her past destroy their chance of future happiness?

When Tyler runs into the back of Lilly’s car with his motorcycle sparks fly, and not just from metal on metal. Her past experience with men has left her uninterested in romance, but this guy—who keeps popping up in her life—softens her resistance. For the first time ever Lilly thinks she might have a chance at a normal life…until her past rears its ugly head, which could destroy her future.

Tyler doesn’t understand his need to protect Lilly, but those beautiful eyes pull him in deeper than he’s ever been before. However, he’s coming to terms with his own losses and he’s not looking for anything permanent. He struggles to deal with his feelings, and just when it seems like things might be falling into place, someone from Lilly’s past turns up, threatening to end what he’s just found. Will this be an end to the happiness that he thought he had finally discovered?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Note: This book has been previously published.

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