Running From Eden – Excerpt

Eve quickly put her slippers on and walked down the stone path to the east corner. She opened her mouth to say something to Charlie, but he quickly shook his head.

He sent his thoughts to her. "The cameras may be blind, but the microphones are still active."

She nodded and looked behind two tall bushes. Her heart kicked up a beat seeing the silver vent. In all four corners were screws. She used her mind to visualize turning each screw to the left. The screws began to move. When the last one dropped out and fell to the floor excitement began to rise inside of her. Slipping her fingers behind the grate, she pulled and smiled wide when the cover came off quietly. Placing it on the ground, she turned to Charlie.

He stood and kicked at a large rock. This was the part of the plan she hated. Looking up with sadness, she saw him nod. Cupping a hand in her hair, he pulled her toward him, placing his lips over hers. His lips were soft and warm. She had imagined this—their first kiss—for so long. Her lips tingled as he pulled away. His hand stroked over her cheek, wiping a tear away she hadn't even realized she'd let go.

"You'll have to climb up about a mile. My truck is right by the vent at the top. It's a bright blue pickup truck."

She nodded.

"Open the floor compartment and climb in, then pull the door back over yourself and lock it."

She nodded again.

"If you manage this, I will see you soon. Now go. You have just under an hour."

Picking up the rock with her mind, she swung it hesitantly at Charlie's head, not making contact. He nodded and closed his eyes. With a heavy heart she swung again, hearing a thud as it hit the back of his head. She watched him crumple to the floor unconscious.