Project Terminal: End Game – Excerpt

Amelia turned her face to the sky, closing her eyes as a chilled mountain breeze washed over her. It did little to temper the heated memory of Morris's mouth, his heavy body pressing her to the ground…

"Jesus, get it together, Amelia," she hissed, shaking herself loose of the memory's hold.

The night wore on and she watched the constellations slowly shift with the earth's rotation. Satellites passed between stars, and a few wispy clouds drifted over the crescent moon. Coyotes sang from time to time and a bull elk called out. A normal night in the mountains with no sign of a pending attack. Perhaps they were home free. Max could finish up her work, they could get the cure, and Amelia could return to her everyday life. Alone at home, working on lesson plans, and generally avoiding contact with the outside world. Psychologists would chastise her for avoiding other people, but her altered life didn't invite intimate friendships. Something she hadn't considered when allowing her genes to be manipulated by scientists.

She chose a direction and walked, not really paying attention to where it led, lost in thought about her lonely life.


The baritone voice brought her up short, and she spun toward its source. A massive silhouette appeared from the trees.

"Morris? What are you doing in my sector?"

"Actually, you're well into mine."

Her cheeks warmed and she cleared her throat. "Sorry, I didn't realize."

She turned and headed back in the direction she'd come from but Morris caught up to her. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "Wait."

His touch sent a sizzle straight between her thighs and she sucked in a breath. She froze. He stepped forward, his chest just touching her back. Hot tingles erupted over her flesh.

"We're in the clear tonight." The warmth of his breath caressed the back of her neck, and she closed her eyes. "Stay."

She licked her lips and swallowed, trying to form a coherent thought. "Why?" she finally managed.

He let his hand slide to her upper arm, the other joined its mate on her opposite arm. He pressed forward and her eyelids popped open at the feel of his erection.

"Do I really need to answer that, darlin'?"