My Eternal Love – Excerpt

The Tulpa Knight Excerpt:

Kallie moved closer and regarded him carefully. Now, in the light of day, she gave his body her full scrutiny. Last night she'd been so overcome with emotions. First being shock, then lust, then mortification, then anger, confusion, surprise, and then anger again. Then lust. And more lust. She'd failed to really notice the scars that marred Jamie's beautiful body. It was quite surprising, she realized, considering the amount he had. She traced her finger down a long, jagged scar that stretched from his shoulder to his elbow.

"Crécy," Jamie said.


"In France. The battle of Crécy. 'Twas a long sword." Jamie turned and showed her a wound about the size of a silver dollar on the back of his shoulder. He then pointed to a larger, healed-over gash on the front side. "Arrow. Went right through, after a bit of yanking by my second." He turned to show her the back of his leg. "Morning Star. That unlucky fellow did not survive the blow I gave him in retaliation."

Kallie had to work to keep her mouth from dropping open during Jamie's inventory of battle wounds. She was well versed in the machinations of medieval weaponry, but not too often did she meet another who was. "Your second?"

"Aye, Tristan. I wonder where he is now."

Involuntarily, Kallie took a step back. "No one knows that!"

"Aye, I suppose not. I do not even know where I am."

"No! I mean, no one knows your second's name is Tristan! I haven't even written it down yet. It's only been in my mind."

Jamie looked at her with concern. "Are you all right, Kallie?"

It was the first time he'd said her name, and it sounded strange. "It's Kallasandra, actually." She didn't know why it mattered whether he knew her name or not.

"Kallasandra." He smiled after he said it, as though giving his approval.

When he patted the spot beside him on the bed, Kallie sat down. She suddenly felt drained as the realization hit her. Jamie was real!


Step in Time Excerpt:

"Where did you come from?" He swept his gaze around as though looking for the answer.

That was the million-dollar question. I knew instinctively that I was no longer where I'd been several minutes ago. Not only were my surroundings different, the air seemed fresher, untainted. The matter presenting itself now, I believe, was when was I? Judging by the clothes Slane had on and the wooden posts around us, I was pretty certain I'd traveled back in time. Somehow, someway, as crazy as it seemed, at this moment it became entirely possible.

I calculated quickly in my mind about what I remembered of Stonehenge. It was built on and off throughout millenniums, beginning about five thousand years ago. So I'd gone at least that far. Great.

Slane was waiting for my answer. I had to tell him something without freaking him out. "I have no idea." Think, think, think!

"She is from the heavens." That voice came from behind me, not from Slane.

I spun around and saw a huge, incredibly handsome man similarly dressed to Slane coming toward us. In contrast to Slane's golden beauty, this man was dark. Bronze skin, shoulder-length black hair. His speech was different as well. His accent thicker. I could understand him but had to listen carefully.

I focused on the club he held threateningly in his hands. I whipped my head back to Slane and noticed something I hadn't before. Balanced in his left hand he held a weapon as well. A spear, resting against his thigh. As I watched, he lifted the weapon and posed battle ready, the look on his face turning dark.

Back and forth I darted my gaze, watching both men, worried they would pounce while I stood precariously between them. An obvious tension filled the air as they regarded each other with lethal glares, and tight grips on their weapons.

There has to be something said about the irony of timing. I had magically appeared in this place, not coming upon an innocent moonlight stroll with these fellows. No, I'd danced my way right into the middle of the deadly battle about to take place.