Moonlight's Destiny – Excerpt

Tristian kissed Reylin's temple. "I know." He gently pushed her hair off her neck and kissed her under the ear. "We're connected."

She trembled in his arms. "I won't choose."

"We don't need you to. We've always shared well." He pulled her closer.

Rey pressed her lips together and turned so her face nuzzled his neck. He smelled so good. He felt like home and summer and happiness. Tristian felt like her future.

"Stop doing this to me," she whispered.

"I'm not doing anything. It's only natural to feel like this around your mate."

"A wolf doesn't have two mates. It's not right." She started to pull away, but he held her to him for a second before he released her.

Rey stood and rubbed her arms. She turned away from him, trying to clear her head.

Tristian came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. "When you were in danger I lost my head. Because I lost my head, Bianca might die. I don't know how Law lets his mate stay human and manages to function. You're my entire world, whether you like it or not. Rune and I share a soul. You know our connection is rare. We've always shared everything, so is it such a stretch for us to share you?"

"Yes!" Angry, her wolf felt cornered, and that made her want to lash out at him, until she looked into his beautiful eyes. She took his stubbled face in her hands. "You ask too much of me. My heart tells me to accept you, both of you, but my head tells me I can't live the rest of my life with the pack looking down on me. I won't raise my family without my pack."

Tristian grinned. "Family? One step at a time, sweetheart."

Heat bloomed in her cheeks again, much to her annoyance. Rey let out an irritated huff of breath. "We need to focus. Bianca needs us, and—"

She didn't get to finish because Tristian pulled her to him for a rough kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Electricity shot through her body, and she moaned against his mouth.

Kissing him felt wrong because Rune wasn't there. She pushed him away, feeling like a cheater and confused as hell.