Love, A Second Time Around – Excerpt

As Cat walked from the new building that housed the business education programs at the college, toward her car, she couldn't help but appreciate that it was another beautiful spring day. A man standing nearby, leaning against a large, shiny, black truck with tinted windows, caught her attention. Despite the band around his head and the pair of dark sunglasses that obscured his features, something seemed familiar about him. But rather than try to figure out what it was, she continued to walk and ignored his presence.

As she opened the door of her car, a quiet voice suddenly came from behind her.

"Hello, Cat."

She stood startled, frozen. That low, husky voice wasn't one she'd ever forget.

Cat slowly turned around and looked up at Jon. He stood in front of her dressed in jeans and a button-down shirt. His hair was short, still black, except for a hint of white at his temples. He had a headband wrapped around his head and tied in the back and a pair of sunglasses that kept her from seeing his eyes. He smelled of rawhide, antiseptic, and medicine mingled with animal odor that Cat remembered from when they'd lived together and he came home from the clinic.

Her heart beat so hard she thought it would jump out of her chest, and she couldn't hear for the loud thump in her ears.

She finally managed to find her voice. "J-Jon, what, um, where… What are you doing out of prison?" She never thought she'd ever see Jon in the flesh again.