L.J. Fleming

LJ Fleming
Hailing from Indiana, LJ Fleming is a small town girl who always dreamed of writing her own books. At the age of thirteen, LJ began writing with her first story about a girl, her boyfriend, and their adventures in his car. A graduate of Ball State University, LJ found that raising a family took precedence over her dreams of writing, but when she entered her first NaNoWriMo writing event, she knew that it was time to start again.

The first romance offering from LJ was The Seer Trilogy, adventures of a group of sci-fi warriors as they navigate love and war. With her next offering of Before Deadline, LJ stepped into a world she was familiar with as she chronicled the dealings of a small town newspaper reporter (a career LJ held for almost twenty years).

When not writing, LJ is currently working in the optical world at a local office and raising three kids.

You can find her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Forbiddenauthor




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