Forever Eve – Excerpt

The applause snaps me out of my daydream. Josephine is dancing completely naked behind two oversized feather fans. She moves the fans with such grace and elegance, never revealing too much. When the song is finished she turns to face the back wall and drops the fan covering her buttocks. She peeks over her shoulder, winks at her lust-struck men, and rewards them with a wiggle of her exquisite derriere. The men go wild. Our little joint must be heard all the way to Oak Park. Gosh, she really knows how to work up the crowd.

"Eve!" Mama snaps her fingers in my face. "You ain't here to watch Josephine. Come on, there's a fella who wants to meet you."

I slide off the bar stool, perk up my breasts, and follow Mama through the crowd. One of the drunken sailors smacks my ass as I pass, and slurs, "Dance for me, sugar."

"Another time, doll." I cast him a bogus smile as I barely manage the words.

Mama stops in front of one of the tables and starts talking to the man sitting down. "This is Eve." She shifts so he can get a better look at me, and I'm greeted by the kindest eyes I have ever seen.

He stands, takes my hand in his, and kisses the tops of my fingers. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Eve. My name is Charlie. Charlie Rudolph."

His stunning good looks have left me speechless. He has mid-length, silky dark hair and a bristly five o'clock shadow, but oh my, those eyes—piercing green, warm, so vivid and clear—hinting that our meeting was undeniable.

"I would be delighted if you would accompany me upstairs. That is, of course, if this would suit you, Eve?" He grazes his lips across my fingers again. It's like the room and all its people and mayhem is melting away from us and everything comes down to his warm breath on my fingertips, the edge of his teeth as he grazes my knuckles. Never have I wanted a man to make love to me as desperately as I want him at this very moment.

"Eve!" Mama snaps me out of the sensual haze created by his touch. "What are you waiting for? Show the gentleman upstairs."

"Madam, may I have a word with you first?" Charlie gently ushers Mama a few steps from me.

"But of course," Mama coos, clearly smitten with his glaring charm.

When he returns, he offers me his arm. I wrap mine through his and we walk toward the staircase.

"What did you say to Mama?" I haven't been this bashful talking to a man since I don't know when…maybe my first john.

"I told her, if it pleases you, I would like for you to remain my companion for the duration of my stay in Detroit."

"What was her answer?"

"I wasn't asking her permission. I'm asking for yours, Eve." He stops and turns so our bodies are flush. "You are the most magnificent creature. I must confess, I'm half-bewitched. Your blush, your smile. Your plump, red lips. You are irresistible. Delectable."

"But…you don't even know me." How can I be the subject of this ardent outpouring? He tilts his head down and rests his lips on mine. I close my eyes and the pulse of our breathing becomes one.

"I've watched you. You are the one I've been waiting for." He cradles my head in his hands, and before I can reply, he kisses me tenderly. Then slowly releases me from his caress, tugging gently on my bottom lip. "Say yes," he whispers onto my lips.

"Yes!" Yes…I would be yours forever.