Fallen Love – Excerpt

Erica pushed up and looked closer at the stitches, Sparrow's scent much sweeter than she remembered.

"I forgot to buy shampoo and had to use Ruby's," he said.

She froze. "Um, okay."

"You smelled me. I smell like a strawberry-shaped cartoon character."

"Oh. I guess that you used soap is the important thing. The incision is flawless. The stitches dissolved. Any other gain or loss of powers? Appetite normal?"

She sat back in the high stool, needing space from him. Breathing in his scent, even changed, clouded her mind. Her super power gave her enhanced senses, although only a touch stronger than the average human. Usually she didn't notice, but anytime she got close to Sparrow, she wished the enhancements away so she could concentrate.

"No gains. No losses," he said. "I eat fine, as I always have. Just the voice is different. I'd been resigned to lose the telepathy. I forget sometimes, but I don't miss it. Not really."

"I've heard it can be challenging." Telepathy topped the list of the many things she'd heard complaints about from supers needing relief.

"Without being able to speak, it helped, but now I don't rely on it alone. I can ask directly what a person is thinking and speak my mind." He grinned, the pure pleasure in his eyes exuding youth. "Ruby dances when I sing."

Her heart melted. She didn't like to think she'd ever allowed it to get truly icy, but for the most part she remained stoic and duty-focused. Whispered sob stories from superheroes could ruin a person if they allowed the tragic quality to weigh them down. Sparrow had been different from the start. His backstory, his heartbreak—they called to her. To have played even a small part in his change was very gratifying.

"You look so happy," she said.

He leaned on his forearms on the marble island, a light blush warming his cheeks. "I am happy, and I have you to thank. I didn't consider the possibility of being happy in life again. I planned to survive for Ruby, but couldn't ask to thrive. I'm excited for the first time in years."

"I can't tell you how pleased I am. Do you have any other concerns? You might still have aftereffects. The surgery is very new, and I can't say other things won't come up."

He reached across the counter and took her hands. Erica swallowed hard and tried to keep her face expressionless, even as her heart raced.

Sparrow tilted his head, gazing deep into her eyes. "I have concerns about how I can thank you for everything. I know the fraternity donated to your research, but I want to do more."

"Oh." The gift Man of Wonder gave more than covered her operating costs for the next year. Money, when it came to working with supers, didn't usually raise problems. "I really want you to not worry about it. This helped me with my research. I understand the super brain more now than I did before. This research will allow me, and others, to make strides in quality of life."

He shook his head and squeezed her fingers, his warm hands soft and strong. "There has to be more. What can I do for you?"

Her mouth went completely dry as her mind ran directly to the plethora of things she wanted him to do to her. Tangled limbs. Hot, wet kisses. Deep, throaty moans and miles of pleasure.

"Would you like to fly?" he asked. "I could take you flying."