Dragon's Heart, Volume 1 – Excerpt

Troy's Trouble Excerpt:

Amy looked up and gasped, her breath leaving her in a blast, as piercing green emerald eyes met hers as the lift doors slid shut.

"Good Lord, girl, you're as white as a sheet. You getting ill again?" Wendy asked.

Amy couldn't breathe. He was there. She wasn't supposed to see him again. Why was he there? How did he know where to find her? So many questions flew around in her brain, her body too stunned to move.

"I'm okay. I just thought I saw someone," she said, her voice so quiet it was almost a whisper.

"You mean that dishy, very tall guy who came toward the lift?" Bobbie asked, a grin rising on her face. "Woo, girl, he was hot. You'd burn touching that bod." She shook her hand as if it were burning.

"He was the hot guy I crept out on the morning after, the one I went home with."

All the girls' mouths dropped open. They, of course, had shared their dirty little stories the next morning.

When the lift doors opened with a ding they stepped out and walked toward their rooms.

"What are you gonna do, honey?" Sarah asked quietly.

"Come talk to me in the bar and have a drink, I'm hoping," a deep, husky voice said, startling the little group.

They all turned as one to see the stunning man with a panty-dropping smile and cute dimples standing before them, not even looking winded, despite the fact he had just ran up five flights of stairs.


Dennenth's Darling Excerpt:

Sarah suddenly looked grief-stricken, and she glanced quickly at Freddie. "What about my son? If I was to become your mate and live a longer life, then Freddie will get old before me. Dennenth…" Tears welled in her eyes, one of them slipping slowly down her cheek.

"It's okay," Dennenth said, wiping away the runaway drop. "If you do accept me and we become one, then my dragon can bite the inside of Freddie's wrist when he turns twenty-one, and he will lead an extended life with us. He will be our son if we mate. I will treat him as if he were my own."

"What if I decide not to? Dennenth, I can sense I'm drawn to you." She blushed. "My body feels all kinds of things it never has before. Not even Blake caused this kind of reaction in me."

He gave her a cat-that-got-the-cream grin and pushed himself up more until his lips were about an inch from hers. "When I get inside of you, I'm going to make even more of an impact."

He raised his hand, putting it around the nape of her neck, and pulled her forward. Her lips plied with his. He held back a groan as his jeans tightened, and he had to release her and move slightly away.

"Darlin', give me a chance. I know this is a huge thing to go through, but hey, you've already seen my beast, and he loves you already."

"Presumptuous, aren't you?" she asked with a cheeky smile lighting her face.

Yes, we love her. Now mate, his dragon insisted.

Soon I hope. The thought of her turning him down and denying both he and his dragon wasn't something he could think of. If she did, they would wither away and die. His heart was only meant for his mate.

"You just kissed Mummy." They both turned to see five-year-old Freddie staring at them with wide eyes. "Does that make you a prince instead of a giant?" he asked with total sincerity.

"Freddie!" admonished Sarah. "Dennenth isn't a giant."

"But Mummy, he's so big he has to be."

Dennenth couldn't hold back the smile from his face. He supposed he was a giant in the kid's eyes. Before Sarah could say anything else he spoke first. "So if I was a prince and I kissed your mummy that makes her a princess, right?"

"No." Freddie laughed, his little chuckle lighting up Dennenth's heart. "Mummy is a princess," he whispered loudly. "If you kiss Mummy, then she makes you a prince."

"Would you mind if I was to be a prince?"

"Only if you make Mummy have a happy ending, okay?"

"So I kiss Mummy, she makes me a prince, and I make sure she has a happy ever after?"

"Yep." Freddie nodded enthusiastically.

Dennenth looked at Sarah and smiled. "Can I be your prince?"

Freddie's laugh was so full and light-hearted he turned back toward the boy and stared.

"Did I do it wrong?" Dennenth asked, unsure of the game.

"You already k…kissed Mummy…you…a…re already a p…prince." The lad was laughing so hard he couldn't get his words out properly. It took Dennenth a few more seconds for everything to click into place.

"Oh, right. But I want Mummy to make sure. I don't feel like a prince yet. She needs to kiss me again." He looked back at Sarah who had a huge smile on her face.

* * * *

Hot damn, the man made her feel things she never had with Blake. When he had kissed her, she'd wanted more.

She had to make a decision. Freddie was still rolling on the floor, laughing so hard he had tears on his cheeks. Dennenth was watching her with serious eyes, but he too had a smile on his face. If she was to go with him, she would be near Amy if anything went wrong. She knew Freddie already liked Dennenth. It was definitely something she was willing to try herself. So yeah, maybe she could do this.

"Okay." She nodded and leaned forward to kiss the man again.

"Woo-hoo!" cheered her son. "You have to make sure Mummy had a happy ever after now, okay?" She watched Freddie stand before Dennenth, his laughter disappearing from his eyes, begging the man he had only just met to not hurt his mum.

To her disgust Dennenth spit on his hand and held it out for her son. "Princely promise."

Freddie placed his tiny hand in Dennenth's and shook it then proceeded to wipe it down his trousers. Eww.


Pete's Precious Excerpt:

Pete leaned forward a little into her space and lowered his voice. "And every time I've thought of you it's given me a hard-on. That's a whole lot of wood, sugar." He sat back in his seat and watched the color of her cheeks grow an even deeper pink.

Wendy took his hands in her own and began to make a drama out of examining them carefully.

Knowing full well he was falling into a trap, he asked, "What are you looking for?"

"The blisters or signs of splinters," she simply stated.

"What the hell are you going on about?" he asked, his brain not fully functioning with her hands on him.

"Well, a man with so much wood is going to have to take care of things himself if he hasn't touched another woman," she said, taking her gaze off his hands and looking straight into his eyes.

Before she could pull her hands away from his he gripped one of them and lifted it to his mouth. He placed the tip of each finger in his mouth, one by one, and sucked. He could smell the heat of her arousal, which filled the air between them. He watched her eyelids drop to half-mast briefly before she quickly pulled herself together.

"What are you doing?" she asked, tugging her hand back.

"Making sure you don't have blisters."

"What?" she nearly screeched at him.

Leaning toward her, he whispered with a grin. "I don't need to read your mind to know just how hot I make you."

She sat back in her seat, her cheeks glowing pink. He leaned back and picked up his coffee.

"This wasn't how I envisioned the conversation, the night, or in fact the whole damn day to be honest," she huffed, picking up her mug.

Be careful, his dragon warned when they both scented the first tinge of irritation coming from her.

I know. I just can't resist. She looks so delicious when she blushes.

His dragon's answer was a low groan that he liked it too.

"Can't go back in time, sugar, but I'll give you a break and I'll try to behave for a little bit and we can talk."

"Without innuendos?"

"I can't promise, but I can try. You know, old dog and new tricks…" He winked at her.