Dragon's Heart: Troy's Trouble – Excerpt

Amy looked up and gasped, her breath leaving her in a blast, as piercing green emerald eyes met hers as the lift doors slid shut.

"Good Lord, girl, you’re as white as a sheet. You getting ill again?" Wendy asked.

Amy couldn't breathe. He was there. She wasn't supposed to see him again. Why was he there? How did he know where to find her? So many questions flew around in her brain, her body too stunned to move.

"I'm okay. I just thought I saw someone," she said, her voice so quiet it was almost a whisper.

"You mean that dishy, very tall guy who came toward the lift?" Bobbie asked, a grin rising on her face. "Woo, girl, he was hot. You'd burn touching that bod." She shook her hand as if it were burning.

"He was the hot guy I crept out on the morning after, the one I went home with."

All the girls' mouths dropped open. They, of course, had shared their dirty little stories the next morning.

When the lift doors opened with a ding they stepped out and walked toward their rooms.

"What are you gonna do, honey?" Sarah asked quietly.

"Come talk to me in the bar and have a drink, I'm hoping," a deep, husky voice said, startling the little group.

They all turned as one to see the stunning man with a panty-dropping smile and cute dimples standing before them, not even looking winded, despite the fact he had just ran up five flights of stairs.