Dragon's Heart: Melanie's Men – Excerpt

On the dance floor, Melanie raised her hands in the air and let the beat of the bass fill her soul and the music flow over her body. The gloom she'd felt just five minutes before drifted away. She was who she was. One day some fine bloke who didn't want to change her and accepted her as she was would come along.

A hand appeared on her waist, breaking through her thoughts and making her pause. Another hand joined it on the other side. She swiveled to see a large chest in a black t-shirt. She had to take a small step back to look up.

She stared into eyes that were dark enough to be black pearls. A handsome face joined those eyes with a chiseled, clean-shaven jaw and pert, full lips. His hair was long enough hair to reach his shoulders, and his skin was a dark tan. This gorgeous human being with muscles on muscles had his hands around her waist. She instantly felt like she knew him. Her body was certainly aware of him.

Melanie glanced around, almost expecting to see some disgruntled female looking at her because her boyfriend had curled up to the wrong woman. But no one else was looking their way, they were busy in their own little worlds and dancing.

He leaned in and whispered into her ear. "Breathe, sweetheart."

She inhaled, breathing in his scent. A manly, old spice scent hit her lungs, mixed together with something a little woodsy. A shiver rippled along her nerves and left each one of them tingling. Her breasts grew heavy, her nipples pushing against the material of her dress. She exhaled and inhaled quickly. She was practically panting in this man's arms.

He lifted his head from her neck and looked straight into her eyes. Those dark orbs. The world seemed to stop, the music from the club dimmed, and all she could see was this man's eyes staring at her with the same intensity that she was sure he was seeing in hers. When he smiled, showing his teeth, her gaze darted down to his pearly whites, which briefly disappeared behind his pink tongue licking over his lips, leaving a trail of moisture behind.

Thoughts of his tongue licking her made her shiver.

"Was that a dirty thought?" he asked, his eyes shining with mirth.

He pulled her closer to him and swayed along with her to their own beat. She could feel the tight muscles of his stomach against her curvaceous one. She could also feel…his erection? It felt huge. She broke eye contact to look down between them. Blushing when she realized what she'd done, she lifted her head back up and saw blatant amusement in his smile and eyes. Was he playing with her? She had been the brunt of many jokes being brought up in children and foster homes. She wasn't one to put up with that any more.

Before she could act, his face changed to show…worry? Had her brief emotion showed that much?

"Sweetheart, I just want to dance with you. I like the way my hands feel on your waist. I like the way your eyes dance, the way your body moves. And I love the way you smell…it reminds me of honey buns."

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tighter against him, and she was still too shocked to resist. It slowly dawned on her that this handsome man hadn't made a mistake and it was her he wanted to dance with. In fact, judging by his hardness below he wanted more than to dance with her. Accepting her circumstance, she lifted her arms and placed a hand on each of his huge shoulders. The music slowly filtered back into her mind, the bass thrumming through her. Their bodies ground against each other. He held her so tightly against him it felt like they were one body.