Diva D. Wood

Diva D. Wood grew up in Chula Vista, California, a San Diego suburb, and was bitten by the writing bug at a very young age. Her first story—written in second grade—was a 1,000-word swashbuckling pirate tale done in response to an art project.

Her experiences—both good and bad—have birthed many of the stories she tells. She confesses that she occasionally lives vicariously through the characters she creates…especially the happy endings!

Better Late Than Never is her first foray into the genre of erotic romance. She has two previously published novels.

She lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of northern California, where by day she toils in the nursing field. She regularly commutes home to southern California to reconnect with the lifelong friends who have always inspired and continue to encourage her literary efforts.

Better Late Than Never
by Diva D. Wood