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Halloween Q&A With Beachwalk Press Authors

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Ashlynn Monroe: The Lost Boys (It's not Halloween themed but it's perfect)

Lacey Wolfe: I'm not much of a scary movie person, but I like true stories. I want to know that this really happened. It scares me just a little more that way.

Stephanie Beck: I don't have one. Most Halloween movies are scary and I don't do scary movies.

Kaylie Newell: I love anything cheesy from the 80's. Right now, I’m a big fan of The Fog. I also love The 'Burbs. Even though it’s not specifically a Halloween movie, it’s Halloweenish and I always watch it this time of year. Who wouldn’t love Bruce Dern in his undies? (Okay, maybe not everyone.)

Ella Jade: I'm going to go with the original Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis. I can remember watching that when I was a teenager at sleepovers. Michael Myers was extremely scary, and I think I may have even turned down some babysitting jobs after seeing that one. I was too scared to be in a house alone, especially when the kids went to bed.

Tabitha Rayne: The ultimate any time movie for me, but Halloween especially, is Donnie Darko—amazing!

Theresa Stillwagon: The original Halloween movie with Jaime Lee Curtis

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Ashlynn Monroe: Twizzlers! The best part is I'm the only one I know who likes them so I get them from a ton of people the day after Halloween.

Lacey Wolfe: Dark chocolate Milky Ways…anything chocolate really :)

Stephanie Beck: Mmmmm, peanut butter cups.

Kaylie Newell: Candy Corn!

Ella Jade: Yeah, it doesn't have to be Halloween. lol I like Raisinets and Chunky's. These are my must haves when I go to the movies.

Tabitha Rayne: Astro Belts—long flat red straps coated with very sour sherbet. Ohh, my mouth is watering!

Theresa Stillwagon: Candy Corn

Your favorite Halloween costume?

Ashlynn Monroe: The year my daughter was three I found us matching Renaissance style princess costumes. That was so fun, and she was still at the age that dressing like me was cool. (She's a tween now so I miss those days!)

Lacey Wolfe: My favorite costume is when I dressed as a dead prom queen. I looked gruesome. I like the scary costumes.

Stephanie Beck: I love seeing little girls as pretty fairies. I prefer to dress as the mother of whatever my kids decide to be.

Kaylie Newell: I think my favorite was when I was a bottle of Elmer’s Glue in fifth grade. That was awesome.

Ella Jade: When I was a senior in high school I was Elvira. If you don't know who she was, google her, she was cool. I had the long black wig and the coolest black stilettos. I loved that costume. I totally thought I was the Mistress of the Dark.

Tabitha Rayne: I like looking ultra scary with black robes and a skeleton face—on stilts if possible (only very small ones, since I'm accident prone)

Theresa Stillwagon: A serving girl costume from the middle ages

What are your plans for this Halloween?

Ashlynn Monroe: Take the kids trick-or-treating, grab subs from the Cousin's sandwich shop (two for one on Halloween–yay!), then curl up with a good paranormal romance.

Lacey Wolfe: I have two children, and we live in the middle of nowhere so trick-or-treating is really scarce around here. We will probably do a few houses near us and then maybe some crafts here at home.

Stephanie Beck: I plan to take my kids trick-or-treating and hopefully be home 'checking' their candy by nine o'clock.

Kaylie Newell: We’ll be taking the little ones trick-or-treating at a friend’s house. It’s pretty fun. We always have spaghetti and meatballs, and apple crisp for dessert. And of course, we’ll be sneaking candy from the kids' sacks as well.

Ella Jade: We take the kids trick-or-treating every year and then we come back to our house and order pizza. It’s been a tradition for many years. My boys have several cousins so it’s like a mini-Halloween party. They trade candy and eat my decorative Halloween cupcakes.

This year my boys are still in mourning over the Phillies not making the World Series (they were ready for a parade, lol), so they are keeping the spirit alive. One is going to be Carlos Ruiz and the other Shane Victorino. Gotta love their enthusiasm.

Tabitha Rayne: I’m taking part in Whipped Cream / Goddess Fish Haunting Halloween Blog Fest ( and I will be a scary storyteller at a spooky party.

Theresa Stillwagon: Not much. We're moving into a new apartment on the first of November, hopefully. Going to be pulling stuff out of storage.

Jack-O-Lantern: friendly/funny face or scary one?

Ashlynn Monroe: I love the scary ones. One year I did the headless horseman and it was so cool it was the only one on the block the kids didn't smash lol. I took the fact that they spared it as the highest of compliments.

Lacey Wolfe: We usually have one with a funny face. The other we let the kids draw on and then we carve it.

Stephanie Beck: Friendly and funny jack-o-lanterns are nice, but the classic triangle eyes and jagged mouths will always be my favorites.

Kaylie Newell: Friendly/funny. I usually give my pumpkin crooked teeth and crossed eyes. And yes, mine is usually the first one the neighborhood teenagers decide to throw into the street on November 1st.

Ella Jade: Scary! It's Halloween!!! I'm all about spooky! This year I'm trying to get my husband to do one with an intricate spider web with the word "Wicked" intertwined. We'll see…

Tabitha Rayne: Scary!

Theresa Stillwagon: friendly