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Readers Appreciation Event (03/21/15 – 03/29/15)

Join us for a Readers Appreciation Event taking place at the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group on Facebook from Saturday, March 21st through Sunday, March 29th.

There will be daily chats and lots of giveaways!

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Current chat schedule:
3/21 – Lacey Wolfe and Ashlynn Monroe
3/22 – Tamaria Soana and Ellen Cummins
3/23 – Stephanie Beck and Theresa Stillwagon
3/24 – Tara Mills
3/25 – Kaylie Newell and Pamela Tyner
3/26 – Lisa Knight
3/27 – Constance Bretes
3/28 – Nola Cross and Susan Child
3/29 – Ella Jade and Sidda Lee Tate

Best Seller List

Sliding Into Second by Ella Jade has hit the Amazon best-seller list in both the Sports Romance category & the Erotic Romance category. Congratulations, Ella!

You can check out the book by clicking HERE.

New Releases 02/16/15

Hearts Paradise
Heart's Paradise by Olivia Starke
The Billionaire Bachelor Series, Book 2
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel

Can Phoebe trust Jonathon with her biggest and most precious secret?

Phoebe Heart struggles to keep the bills paid with her survivalist training courses while raising a preteen daughter. When a producer approaches her about starring on the survival show Paradise she's hesitant. Hasn't she spent a lifetime trying to stay out of the spotlight of her famous mother? But the money is too good to pass up, and Phoebe will do anything to provide a stable future for her child.

Billionaire playboy Jonathon Breck is always up for a new adventure. When he's offered a starring role on Paradise he jumps at the chance. In return for spending twenty-five days on a tropical island, using only his wits to survive, he'll receive a nice big check, which he plans to donate to his favorite charity. So with two months training under his belt, he's dropped off on a lush oasis. He knows it'll take skill to find food, water, and shelter on the deceptively beautiful island.

Each of them expect to be on the island alone, so they're shocked when they discover the producers have thrown in a surprising twist. Phoebe and Jonathon find themselves teamed up. Jonathon is intrigued by the sexy woman, but he can't shake the feeling he's met her before. Phoebe is appalled she's paired off with the man she had a drunken college one-night stand with.

Passion ignites while they share in the trials of Paradise, but disaster strikes, leaving them facing life or death. And Jonathon learns the truth that Phoebe desperately hoped to keep hidden from him—they share a child.

Now Jonathon faces the biggest challenge of his life—convincing Phoebe to let him be a part of their daughter's life. Can Phoebe trust the notorious playboy with her young, impressionable daughter's heart? And can she trust the feelings she has for the charismatic billionaire?

Content Warning: contains graphic language and explicit sex

Click HERE for more information

Sliding Into Second
Sliding Into Second by Ella Jade
The Kingston Heat Series, Book 2
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance
Length: Category

Jilted once before, now it's her turn to level the playing field.

Hotshot sports reporter Sage Millan has been busy making a name for herself in the male dominated world of baseball. She's just landed her dream job, and her first assignment is covering the newly crowned World Series champions, The Kingston Crushers. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem…her ex-boyfriend, and the only man she's ever loved, is the team's second baseman. Things ended badly between them, and she's not sure she can put those demons to rest.

Professional baseball player Nicolas Cordova is having the time of his life. His team has just won the World Series, and with the victory comes more fame, women, and exposure than he ever could have imagined. But things are about to change for the sexy, charismatic athlete. He never expected his ex-girlfriend to walk back into his life, much less the locker room.

These days Sage is smarter, more mature, and doesn't plan on being played a second time. Her appearance stirs old memories for Nic. She's the one he let get away in the name of his career. He vows he can be the man she needs this time around. Will that be enough to mend her broken heart?

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content

Click HERE for more information

Dangerous Passions
Dangerous Passions by Elise Whyles
The Forsaken Series, Book 7
Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: Category

Can bitter enemies find love?

Haunted by visions, Calypso sets out to find the man who stalks her dreams. Calypso, an ageless fae, is convinced this man will enslave and torment her just like the one who held her long ago. Determined to track him down and kill him, she's prepared for anything, except for what she finds. The mortal male she encounters stirs embers she thought long dead, making her yearn for his touch.

Lucien has always believed himself to be a mortal slave. The truth, however, is more than he's ever imagined. Born to a fae mother and a warlock father, he is a falock, a being of mixed blood hated by both races. And he's destined for greatness…if he can survive the Roman gladiators' games long enough to grow into his immortality.

When the slim beauty rescues him from the depths of his prison, Lucien comes face to face with the truth of who and what he is. Determined to protect the woman who rescued him, he'll risk everything, including his chance at immortality.

Can a weary, distrustful fae and the falock she's claimed overcome the obstacles in their path?

Content Warning: explicit sex, emotional turmoil, angst, and violence

Click HERE for more information

February 2015 Blog Tours

Join authors Olivia Starke and Ella Jade as they go on tour this month with their latest Beachwalk Press releases.

Olivia will be touring February 16th.

Ella will be touring with Shades of Rose Media February 19th through the 23rd. She will also be touring with Tasty Book Tours February 16th through the 27th

Click the graphics below for a listing of the dates and places where you can find them.

Hearts Paradise Tour Banner

Sliding Into Second Tour Banner

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Author Chats (02/15/15 & 02/16/15)

We have several chats going on this month at the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group on Facebook.

On Sunday, February 15th, Ella Jade will be hosting for the day.

Then on Monday, February 16th, Olivia Starke and Elise Whyle will be taking over hosting duties.

They would love for you to join them!

If you're not yet a member of the readers' group, just click HERE to join.

Best Seller Lists

The Weekend Proposition by Ella Jade has hit the Amazon best-seller list in the category of erotic romance, and Winning Her Love by Hazel Gower has made the best-seller list at All Romance eBooks.

Congratulations, Ella and Hazel!

You can check out The Weekend Proposition by clicking HERE.

And you can check out Winning Her Love by clicking HERE.

February 2015: Featured Sales

During the month of February you can purchase the eBook editions of Mia's Books by Tabitha Rayne and The Weekend Proposition by Ella Jade for just $0.99 each!

Mia's Books
Mia's Books by Tabitha Rayne
Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $1.99 $0.99

Ghost lover or mortal—can Mia have both?

Mia has a big problem. She is in love with two people, and one of them happens to be a ghost. After a late night seduction in a deserted library, Mia brings home a haunted book. The book contains a ghost which instructs her to seduce strangers on its behalf. Mia falls in love with one of her conquests and finds herself in a romantic tangle. Can she keep both her lovers, or will she have to choose?

Content Warning: graphic sexual content, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction

Click HERE for more information

The Weekend Proposition
The Weekend Proposition by Ella Jade
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $3.99 $0.99

One weekend—no strings, no expectations, and no commitments. On Sunday afternoon it all ends, or does it?

No-nonsense businessman Spencer Cannon has a dilemma. He's headed to Connecticut for the weekend to attend his cousin's elaborate wedding. His whole family will be there in addition to his obsessed ex-girlfriend Ava. According to Spencer's brother, Ava has been telling her friends she's planning a magical reunion with her favorite ex-boyfriend. Spencer's not in the mood to deal with her, but he can't miss the wedding. He needs a plan.

Struggling Brooklyn waitress and aspiring graphic designer Dakota Vercelli has fallen on hard times. College debts, pending eviction, and her sick mother are taking a toll on her. A chance encounter with Mr. Cannon, CEO of Cannon and Carrington Advertising, leads to a proposition that may be just the thing to solve both of their problems. Spencer's offer—spend four days with him during the wedding festivities and keep his ex off his trail. In return, he'll compensate her generously for her time. He needs a weekend girlfriend, and Dakota needs the cash.

It was just supposed to be a business deal, but after sharing a room, kissing under the stars, and attending a wedding, their attraction is undeniable. Will the illusion end when the weekend is over or is the proposition just the beginning?

Content Warning: contains mature language and graphic sexual content

Click HERE for more information

Print Book Sale (12/01/14 – 12/07/14)

A Cyber Monday sale that last all week! For one week only we will be offering discounting pricing on select print books. These books will be discounted by 50%, and free (standard) shipping is included.

Click the covers below for more information.

Series Spectacular

During the month of November 2014 purchase the ebook versions of these first books in a romance series for only 99 cents each! For more information on a book, just click the cover below.

Kane's Mate
by Hazel Gower
Confessions of a Sex Demon
by Jaye Shields
Taming the Hunted
by Larisa Anderson
Forsaken Heart
by Elise Whyles
Project Terminal: Legacy
by Olivia Starke
War's End
by Imogene Nix
A Clockwork Butterfly
by Tabitha Rayne
Super Love
by Stephanie Beck
Forgotten Memories
by Theresa Stillwagon
Fool Me Once
by Lacey Wolfe
The First Night
by Sidda Lee Tate
A Love Stolen
by Ella Jade
The Monster of Fame
by Aimée Duffy
Business and Pleasure
by Emily Wood
Undone by His Desire
by Dilys J. Carnie
The Baby Contract
by Olivia Starke
Stealing His Heart
by Ella Jade

October 2014 Book Reviews

Sex Love And Aliens

Sex, Love, and Aliens received

4.5 hearts from Love Bites and Silk Ties
"this is a wonderful anthology and recommending it to all lovers of romance comes easy"

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter by Jackie Underdown received

5 stars from Books Need TLC
"I was drawn into this book from the first chapter and could not put it down."

4 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"I really liked this story, it's sweet and romantic with a sexy alpha but has elements of danger and lots of suspense in it as well. It was entertaining and had me hooked from the first chapter, it has the right amount of romantic build-up, heat, and action.

Written Love Reviews says:
"This is a great story for anyone looking for a quick read that's fast paced and action packed with the perfect amount of romance."

The Weekend Surprise

The Weekend Surprise by Ella Jade received

4.5 stars from Manic Readers

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"This is the total romance package."

Adri at Sassy Moms say Read Romance says: "Ella does a great job"

Ardens Mate

Arden's Mate by Hazel Gower received

5 stars from Sensuous Reviews
"Arden's Mate is by far one of the best shifter books I have read in 2014."

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"I loved both Arden and Remy."

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers received

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"Emotion packed story"

5 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"I was cheering for [the characters] from the beginning to the end. I literally stayed up all night to be sure they were going to be okay. That's how hooked I was by these characters and this story. I can't wait to read [the author's] next book.

Rejecting His Desire

Rejecting His Desire by Dilys J. Carnie received

4 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"…a sweet romance with some twists and turns that keep you turning the pages"

Too Hard To Resist

Too Hard To Resist by Olivia Starke

Janie at The Romance Studio says:
"I enjoyed this contemporary romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with laughter and several very steamy sexual encounters"