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Print Book Sale (12/01/14 – 12/07/14)

A Cyber Monday sale that last all week! For one week only we will be offering discounting pricing on select print books. These books will be discounted by 50%, and free (standard) shipping is included.

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Series Spectacular

During the month of November 2014 purchase the ebook versions of these first books in a romance series for only 99 cents each! For more information on a book, just click the cover below.

Kane's Mate
by Hazel Gower
Confessions of a Sex Demon
by Jaye Shields
Taming the Hunted
by Larisa Anderson
Forsaken Heart
by Elise Whyles
Project Terminal: Legacy
by Olivia Starke
War's End
by Imogene Nix
A Clockwork Butterfly
by Tabitha Rayne
Super Love
by Stephanie Beck
Forgotten Memories
by Theresa Stillwagon
Fool Me Once
by Lacey Wolfe
The First Night
by Sidda Lee Tate
A Love Stolen
by Ella Jade
The Monster of Fame
by Aimée Duffy
Business and Pleasure
by Emily Wood
Undone by His Desire
by Dilys J. Carnie
The Baby Contract
by Olivia Starke
Stealing His Heart
by Ella Jade

October 2014 Book Reviews

Sex Love And Aliens

Sex, Love, and Aliens received

4.5 hearts from Love Bites and Silk Ties
"this is a wonderful anthology and recommending it to all lovers of romance comes easy"

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter by Jackie Underdown received

5 stars from Books Need TLC
"I was drawn into this book from the first chapter and could not put it down."

4 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"I really liked this story, it's sweet and romantic with a sexy alpha but has elements of danger and lots of suspense in it as well. It was entertaining and had me hooked from the first chapter, it has the right amount of romantic build-up, heat, and action.

Written Love Reviews says:
"This is a great story for anyone looking for a quick read that's fast paced and action packed with the perfect amount of romance."

The Weekend Surprise

The Weekend Surprise by Ella Jade received

4.5 stars from Manic Readers

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"This is the total romance package."

Adri at Sassy Moms say Read Romance says: "Ella does a great job"

Ardens Mate

Arden's Mate by Hazel Gower received

5 stars from Sensuous Reviews
"Arden's Mate is by far one of the best shifter books I have read in 2014."

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"I loved both Arden and Remy."

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers received

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"Emotion packed story"

5 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"I was cheering for [the characters] from the beginning to the end. I literally stayed up all night to be sure they were going to be okay. That's how hooked I was by these characters and this story. I can't wait to read [the author's] next book.

Rejecting His Desire

Rejecting His Desire by Dilys J. Carnie received

4 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"…a sweet romance with some twists and turns that keep you turning the pages"

Too Hard To Resist

Too Hard To Resist by Olivia Starke

Janie at The Romance Studio says:
"I enjoyed this contemporary romance story. This is a fast-paced story that is filled with laughter and several very steamy sexual encounters"

New Releases 10/20/14

Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter by Jacquie Underdown
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance / Time-travel
Length: Short
Price: $2.99

Sometimes finding love at the wrong time and in the wrong place can be exactly what is needed.

Sammy has dedicated her life to helping others. She doesn't have an enemy in the world, so why is she suddenly on the Dark Walkers most-wanted list?

Jonty, a soldier from the future, has been sent back to the twenty-first century to eliminate the Dark Walkers. He hates this time period and wants nothing more than to get in, perform his duties, avoid all distractions, and get out. But that changes when he meets Sammy. There is something about her, beyond her beauty and courage, which he can't resist.

When Sammy is saved by Jonty, it's insta-boom-lust. There is nothing complicated about how this strong, sexy man makes her feel. And she knows Jonty feels the same way, so why does he resist her?

With humanity under threat, and both their lives in danger, there are greater things at stake than a little romance. Or is there? Destiny may have other plans. And their deep sexual attraction may just be the key to saving them all.

Content Warning: contains steamy sex, mature language, and some violence

Click HERE for more information

Love Songs
Love Songs by Constance Bretes
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella
Price: $3.99

Separated by fame, reunited through music.

When Jennifer Summers returns to the U.S. after spending two years in Africa, she has some decisions to make. Should she resume her singing career or continue to live a secluded life out of the spotlight in the hopes that her stalker won't be able to locate her?

Years ago Jake Ackerson let Jennifer go so she could pursue her dreams. When she suddenly returns to their hometown he's determined to rekindle his relationship with the woman he never stopped loving.

Jake's band is temporarily without a singer, and Jennifer agrees to take the position, but in doing so she is once again pushed into the limelight, and she knows it's only a matter of time before danger strikes.

Will Jake be able to protect her, and can he convince her to put past hurts aside and give their relationship another shot?

Content Warning: contains some sexual content

Click HERE for more information

The Weekend Surprise
The Weekend Surprise by Ella Jade
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance
Length: Category
Price: $4.50

A chance meeting or a calculated encounter? Someone is in for a surprise.

Brooklyn Conservatory student Sammy Falcone lives a quiet and modest life. She's busy studying classical music, playing her cello, and trying to make ends meet. After she learns of her deceased mother's secret that may involve the Cannon family, she heads to a wedding to catch a glimpse of the privileged clan, never expecting to come face-to-face with them.

Tyler Cannon must abandon his wild, partying ways and step up to help his brother Spencer run the family advertising business. When he meets Sammy at his brother's wedding he's immediately taken by the reserved beauty. Her innocence and simple lifestyle intrigue him enough to become a one-woman man.

Sammy is drawn to Tyler's charm and the attention he shows her. Once she gets to know him, the secrets of her mother's past are no longer important. The problem is Spencer has been suspicious of her from the beginning. Will Spencer's overprotectiveness of his family ruin her chances with Tyler? And if the truth comes out, will Sammy be able to convince Tyler that she never meant his family any harm?

Content Warning: contains mature language and graphic sexual content

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Sex Love And Aliens
Sex, Love, and Aliens, Volume 1
Genre(s): Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Length: Anthology (includes four novellas)
Price: $5.50 NOTE: This book will be offered for the discounted price of 99 cents for a limited time, so go get your copy now!

Tangled Webs by Imogene Nix

In the course of a single day Gia Montgomery loses her job and discovers that her boyfriend—now ex-boyfriend—is a two-timing sleaze. After downing a bottle of wine, she catches sight of Cedun in her backyard. He's the Ba'Tua heir who has been living on Earth for several years. Gia struggles to ignore the strong attraction between them, because she's sure he's seeing someone else. Someone very close to her, in fact.

When the situation with her ex turns nasty, Cedun finally has a chance to set things straight between himself and Gia, but nothing is as simple as it seems. Cedun must protect Gia and sort out an impossible love-life tangle before it's too late.

Content Warning: this title contains sexy aliens and feisty heroines, together with enough action—of every kind—to keep readers on the edge of their seats

The Spaceship Captain's Wife by Ashlynn Monroe

Some treasures are the hardest to see.

On a dying planet, treasure waits for an honorable man to claim it. Captain Ric Julius believes the cargo of gems is what he's come for, but there is one jewel he never expected. Her name is Kateri, and she changes everything.

Saving the woman's life, and making a fortune in the process, requires only one thing of Ric—his freedom. In order to obtain the gems he has to agree to take Kateri to safety…and to make her his wife. Every man has a price, but is Ric willing to pay in full on a debt he owes to a dead man on a decomposing world?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes

His Human by Jaye Shields

Can a human clone trained to kill also learn to love?

Elara Roberts is the captain of a space shuttle sent to retrieve a group of cloned soldiers from the planet US-2. As soon as she lands, the shuttle is overtaken and all of her men killed.

Svarog aka Rogue, is the leader of a rebel group of clones who desire freedom. He's been trained his entire life for one thing—to kill. But when he lays eyes on Elara, the only woman he's ever seen, his first instinct is to love. Taking her for himself, his new mission becomes exploring the body of the creature, and punishing any other clone male who dares come close.

Elara witnessed how easily Rogue killed her men and fears she is next. But instead, the beast seems curious and more lustful than anything else. Her best survival strategy is to play along. But when she gets a chance to escape she realizes she may not be ready to leave Rogue behind.

Content Warning: this story includes a deadly, devastatingly sexy clone who isn't above foul language and dirty sex

Gravitation by Beth D. Carter

Can Bree and Niah's love overcome their species being at war with one another?

Bree has spent her whole life hiding from the aliens who destroyed what was once Earth. When she stumbles across a wounded alien, common sense tells her to kill him before he can kill her, but her compassionate side refuses to obey. Instead, she helps him.

The two forge a temporary truce when they're forced to band together for protection. But as the days slip by, the alien Niah won't leave her, and as friendship gives way to something more, she can't help but wonder when, or if, them being on opposite sides will break the fragile bonds of love forming between them.

Content Warning: contains sexual content, strong language, and some violence

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Author Chats (10/19/14 & 10/20/14)

We have several chats going on this month at the Beachwalk Press Readers' Group on Facebook.

On Sunday, October 19th, Ella Jade and Constance Bretes will be hosting for the day.

On Monday, October 20th, the authors of the Sex, Love & Aliens anthology – Imogene Nix, Ashlynn Monroe, Jaye Shields, and Beth D. Carter – will be stopping in throughout the day.

They would love for you to join them!

If you're not yet a member of the readers' group, just click HERE to join.

October 2014 Blog Tours

Join authors Ella Jade and Constance Bretes as they go on tour this month. Ella will be touring October 20th through November 5th, and Constance will be touring October 21st through November 6th.

Also on tour this month are the authors of the Sex, Love & Aliens anthology: Imogene Nix, Ashlynn Monroe, Jaye Shields, and Beth D. Carter. They will be touring October 22nd through October 31st.

In addition, on October 20th Tasty Book Tours will be hosting a Release Day Book Blast for Jacquie Underdown, and also a blog tour from October 20th through October 24th.

Click the graphics below for all the details.

The Weekend Surprise Tour Banner

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Demon Hunter Release Day Blast

Demon Hunter Blog Tour

Author Street Teams!

Is there a Beachwalk Press author whose books you love and you'd like to connect with them more? Below is a listing of street teams that some of our authors have created. Click on the team name to join. They'd love to add you to their member list!

1. Team Ella (Ella Jade)

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7. Sidda's Playhouse (Sidda Lee Tate)

8. Tara's Chat Room (Tara Mills)

9. Rogers Rebels (Tracey Rogers)

10. The Sisters of Romance (Constance Bretes)

July & August 2014 Book Reviews

Cant Let You Go

Can't Let You Go by Sidda Lee Tate received

4.5 stars from Manic Readers
"Good characters, reasonable plot, well written, I think you'll like Can't Let You Go."

Sunnys Second Chance

Sunny's Second Chance by Nola Cross received

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene

The Mariners Gift

The Mariner's Gift by Kaylie Newell received

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene


Captivated by Ashlynn Monroe

The Snarkology says: "Captivated hooked me right away"

Mary's Menage Reviews says: "…it was a fun quick read"

The Baby Contract

The Baby Contract by Olivia Starke received

5 stars from Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff
"Full 5 on 5 stars to The Baby Contract from me and a strong recommendation that you read it. A must read for all romance lovers. Olivia Starke is a talented author and has now made it to my watch-out-for-this-author list."

5 stars from Made for You Book Reviews
"I really enjoyed this book"

4.5 stars from Random Musesomy
"This is the first book I've read from this author, but I'll definitely be looking at her other books and waiting for the next books in this series."

4 stars from In the Pages of a Good Book

Adri at Sassy Moms Say Read Romance says: "This is a great read"

Caution Filling Is Hot

Caution: Filling is Hot by Tara Mills received

4 stars from Long and Short Reviews
"Caution: Filling is Hot is both a story of love at first sight and a story about stubborn denial. It's a story about passion and devotion. It's also a story about healing and overcoming tragic loss and grief."

Arranged Love

Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe

Sizzling Hot Books says:
"Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe is a cute and funny romance."

Marys Men

Mary's Men by Stephanie Beck

Sizzling Hot Books says: "I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys unconventional romances."

Surrender to Me

Surrender to Me by Ella Jade received

5 stars from Mommy's a Book Whore
"I give this book a solid 5 stars; it is THE must read in erotic romance this summer!"

Best Seller Lists

Sunny's Second Chance by Nola Cross is an Amazon best seller in both the Holiday Romance category & the Interracial Romance category. You can check out the book by clicking HERE.

Captivated by Ashlynn Monroe has also made Amazon's best-seller list in Science Fiction Romance. AND it has made the best-seller list at All Romance Ebooks. You can check out the book by clicking HERE.

Find Me by Ella Jade has also made the best-seller list at All Romance Ebooks. You can check out the book by clicking HERE.

Congratulations, ladies!

Birthday Blog Hop (July 11th – 13th)

Blog Hop

As part of our birthday celebration, we're hosting a blog hop from July 11th through July 13th.

The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner's choice)!

To be entered into the drawings just click on the authors' names listed below to visit their blog, where they will be sharing their three favorite things about being an author. Then leave a comment on their blog post with your email address included.

Participating authors:
Sidda Lee Tate
Tabitha Rayne
Jaye Shields
Tara Mills
M.A. Stacie
Olivia Starke
Ashlynn Monroe
Pepper Anthony
Lacey Wolfe
Laura Beth Peters
Imogene Nix
Stephanie Beck
Ella Jade
Emily Wood
Constance Bretes
Tracey Rogers
Tamaria Soana
Nola Cross