Box Set: The Forsaken Series, Volume 3

Box Set: The Forsaken Series, Volume 3 by Elise Whyles and Ciara Lake
The Forsaken Series
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781949300512
Publication Date: October 21, 2019
Price: $5.50

Forgotten by the high king, many of the immortal children face mortality. Now, as an ancient evil stirs, those once forsaken will be returned to their rightful place amongst their people and secure their futures. And many will find unexpected love along the way.

Demon Rai Brethor is a loner who has no intention of allowing anyone into his heart. He knows firsthand the pain of losing a mate. Police Corporal Jensen Bennet is drawn to the enigma of Rai as he investigates a rash of ritualistic murders. He knows there's more to Rai than what meets the eye. Can the demon and the human survive the enemy prowling the shadows or will it steal the happiness they deserve?

Lykoan, a powerful immortal, is filled with grief and anger after his beloved is murdered. Reborn centuries after her death, Faelan, an Elemental Fey, is unaware of her former life and lover. Can Lykoan win the heart of his mate or will his enemies once again steal his beloved's life away?

Burning Rain:
Reduced to little more than bloody entertainment, Kassiel is eager for death. Saved by a dragon shifter after being thrown out of his village, he finds himself surrounded by those who see value in him. Mali'x knows the pain of being tossed away. In Kassiel he finds his heart awakening. However, dark magic conspires to keep them apart. Kassiel will have to face his greatest fears and find a way to save not only himself but his lover.

Elemental's Heart:
When Terra meets Aetius at a local Wiccan meeting she has no idea that the Master Elemental and the Enforcer of the gods has come there specifically to meet her. As they spend time together and begin to discover pieces of her heritage, they become smitten with each other. However, Aetius has a secret which might destroy her trust and put an end to their relationship. Will she think him a monster once she learns the truth? And will they be able to overcome the enemies they encounter on their journey—enemies who want nothing more than to destroy both of them?

Content Warning: these stories contain violence and graphic sex scenes, including male/female sex and male/male sex

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