Ava's Mate – Excerpt

Ava shut her eyes, afraid, terrified, of what she would see. She took another deep breath of the mango and coconut. Mmm, her favorite.

She was startled out of her dreamy haze by the sound of Faith's voice muttering, "Oh fantastic, I haven't missed the show yet."

Ava groaned as the source of the heavenly smell that she knew was her mate gave an awkward chuckle. Still not willing to look up at her future mate, Ava focused on Faith.

Leaning against a nearby wall, Faith had a bag of popcorn in her hand. She smiled at Ava and waved, saying, "Don't mind me. I'm invisible." She reinforced this by putting popcorn in her mouth and used the other hand in a shooing motion.

A feeling of dread started to kick in. If Faith had come there to watch her meet her mate, then something very entertaining or amusing was going to happen. That scared Ava more than anything. She groaned as it registered that her mate was human. Shit. Fate had screwed up.

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes, now really afraid of what she would see as she turned back around to her mate. Cracking one eye open, she looked up to see brown eyes sparkling with amusement. Oh, okay, so far so good. Ava opened the other eye and saw he had red eyebrows and a crew-cut that matched the color of his eyebrows. She was pleasantly surprised to see he was quite a bit taller than her five-eight, she guessed him to be well over six feet.

Her mate didn't look very old for a human, he was maybe in his late twenties or early thirties. He had a killer smile, with a dimple in each cheek, perfect white teeth, and a very masculine, square jaw. Ava sighed and stepped back for a better look at the gorgeous man. His smile grew wider and another chuckle escaped his mouth as she tore her gaze from his face to travel down the rest of his body.

Ava was blatantly checking him out, and she was loving what she saw. He wasn't as big or as tall as her eldest brothers, but even in his army shirt she could clearly see the outline of his hard, toned, muscular arms and she knew he would have six-pack abs to match. She wished his pants were tighter so she could get a better look at the rest of him. He cleared his throat and her eyes darted back up to his face.

"Like what you see?"

Ava couldn't believe she had just stood there staring at the guy. Well, not just any guy but her mate. At least she hadn't done what her wolf was yelling in her head for her to do. Jump his bones. Bit him, make him ours. Let's take him back and show him that once he goes wolf he will never go back. Jump him now. Her wolf had turned into a hussy.

Arousal coursed through her body and she moaned out loud when he spoke this time. "I'm Logan. Corporal Logan Brown, and you are…"

It was like someone threw a bucket of ice cold water over her. She should have seen the similarities and guessed. But Faith being there waiting for the entertainment to start had put her off. Logan was Kirby's asshole brother.

Ignoring Logan's question, she turned from him and closed her eyes, counting to ten before opening them to see Faith, who now sat on a chair against the wall watching. Whirling back to Logan, she pointed behind her at Faith. "It doesn't bother you that we have someone sitting in a chair watching us? You don't find that strange?"

His shoulders lifted slightly. "Not much I can do about her. She is an odd one, and my superior's wife."

Trying to prolong the inevitable, she spun back around to face Faith. Ava knew how Logan felt about werewolves and anything paranormal, everyone did. He was very vocal about it. He hated them and had made it known he wasn't happy working with them. Logan's mood would change as soon as he knew who she was.