Antonia – Excerpt

"I am what they call an immortal," he says.

"As in an immortal being? Like in, you can't die?" I inquire.

He nods. "It's best you don't know too much. I'm taking a risk just standing here talking to you."

A list of possibilities of what he could have meant by being immortal runs through my head. I think it strange, but then again, I could be dreaming this up. So, I just go with it.

"Where did you acquire that amulet?" he asks, nodding toward my chest, which instantly causes a sensation to spread between my legs. As if sensing my uneasiness, he takes a step back, relieving some of the feeling. It's as if he knows what he's doing to me. It is almost a kind gesture.

His movement pulls me out of my reverie. I look down at the amulet for the first time since I put it on. The amulet had betrayed me, brought me here somehow.

For the first time I notice the fine detail that went into making this piece of jewelry. It's made of a heavy silver with very pretty designs all throughout the metal. The stone is the prettiest of all. In some ways it looks to be the same color as my eyes…turquoise. It seems to shimmer again, and at that moment I feel a slight pull against me. It's as if it recognizes the sound of his voice.

I turn it over and inspect the back side. It has one single word etched on it. "Avery," I say aloud. As I say the name he comes over and rips the amulet off my neck with a quick jerk.

"Where did you get this?" he interrogates me again in a harsh voice that ignites a fear in me.

"I bought it at a store," I say, shivering from his closeness.

He stares at me for a second, his eyes searching mine. After a minute I get the sense that his battle within himself has ceased. He seems to have come to a sort of understanding. He reaches out and touches my face with his hard, calloused hand. I close my eyes, and I swear I can feel his breath near my lips. Then everything goes black, and I retreat into oblivion once more.