Angel of Light – Excerpt

"Bring her to me so I can get a closer look at our unwelcome guest," a chilling voice commanded.

The demons dragged her roughly to her feet. They held her upright and pulled her head back so she could look at the demon speaking to her. He was tall with silvery, long hair and white alabaster skin. Anastasia could tell that he was a very old and powerful demon by the black aura that surrounded him.

The younger, less powerful demons had red auras. The demons holding her all had red auras, so she didn't fear them. But she knew this old one could do some serious damage to her if he chose to. She braced herself for any attack from him.

"My, you are powerful for a human. You killed most of my comrades, and they didn't even see it coming," the demon said.

He probed her mind, but she blocked him. His eyes narrowed, and he hit her with another psychic blast. Since the demons were holding her, Anastasia couldn't go anywhere. She took the blast full-on, grunting and gasping in pain.

Just as he reached out to grab her, a blinding light hit him, and a golden man with golden wings and a golden sword appeared.

* * * *

Gabriel wiped his sword and sheathed it. He hated demons that preyed upon innocent female humans. He was about to teleport home when a human voice stopped him.

"Wait! You were in my dream! You're real!"

Gabriel rarely paid attention to humans. His job was to protect them from evil demons. He dispatched demons with his sword, psychic powers, or his superior strength. Once he was done, he teleported or flew back home to Heaven.

If the humans ever saw him, he made sure all they saw was golden light. Not once did he stop to communicate with humans. If he chose to communicate with them, he did so through dreams. However, something in her voice tugged at him.

He swung around and looked at her. She was tall for a human female. He could tell she was powerful by her white aura and the energy she gave off. Her face was bruised and bloodied from the fight with demons, but this was the same woman from the nightmares with Aaron. After studying her, he noticed she was bleeding, both internally and externally. He sent waves of healing light toward her to heal her.

Gabriel knew his brothers would not be happy with him. They had strict rules regarding their interactions with humans. But as he stared at her and saw her innocence and open curiosity staring back from her beautiful blue eyes, his resolve weakened.

"I flew into your dream. I teleported here instead of flying. I can come and go as I please. I am not hindered in my transportation as you are," he explained.

She grinned at him, and his heart melted. Literally melted at the sight of that bright smile that lit up her whole face.