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Beachwalk Press, Inc. is an electronic romance publisher. It is our goal to provide readers top quality romance ebooks in a variety of subgenres at competitive prices. All of our books do have a rating of "sensual" or higher.



Pamela Tyner, publisher & editor-in-chief – pamelatyner@beachwalkpress.com
Pamela started in the business as a romance author and then moved into editing. She spent three years working for a small press, where she served as the manager of the editing department. In 2011 she opened Beachwalk Press. She still does some editing, although she's cut way back. Right now she's especially interested in acquiring BDSM, male/male, and interracial romance books.

Leigh Lamb, content/acquisitions editor- leighlamb@beachwalkpress.com
Leigh Lamb is a happily single mother of two boys. In her free time, she enjoys creative ventures of all kinds, including crocheting, baking, and writing. Leigh has spent several years on the editing circuit, working with both fiction and nonfiction works. Her current editing interests span the full gamut of fictional writing to embrace romance, fantasy, and sci-fi, just to name a few. She loves working with books involved in a series, as continuing stories can give more freedom to the writer, thus acquiring a more extensive base of readers.

Kelly Anderson, content/acquisitions editor- kellyanderson@beachwalkpress.com
Kelly has been an editor, from proofing through lines and content, for several years and has some anthology stories published. She loves stories that explore different worlds and people from contemporary to the deepest reaches of space, and she doesn’t shy away from BDSM elements. Kelly's very interested in M/M, F/F, ménage, and great characters.

Lynne Sully, content/acquisitions editor- lynnesully@beachwalkpress.com
Lynne has been in epublishing since 2009, working as an author, editor, and book reviewer. She has a deplorable book addiction and has more books than any sane person should possess. She is most interested in fast-paced suspense, paranormal, and F/F, though she won't say no to any juicy tale ripe with passion. Characters should be well rounded, chemistry should sizzle, and above all, tell an incredible story to capture readers.

Lacey Wolfe – laceywolfe@beachwalkpress.com

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