A Hunter's Desire

A Hunter's Desire by Patricia Bates
Genre(s): Male/Male, Paranormal Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781949300598
Length: Novel
Publication Date: July 6, 2020
Price: $4.99

Vengeful spirits, dark secrets, and an unanswered question haunt psychic medium Rebel Hunter.

Grissom is a small town with dark secrets. When Rebel Hunter, a paranormal consultant, relocates to its outskirts, he unwittingly stumbles upon a mystery decades in the making. After one of his clients vanishes, Rebel is dragged into the investigation by homicide detective Gideon Palmer.

On a forced vacation, Gideon is in the right place at the wrong time, and his downtime is cut short by the disappearance of a wealthy socialite. As he investigates, he finds himself confronted by a wall of silence. The only bright spot is Rebel Hunter, a man of mystery and danger.

Drawn together, their chemistry is immediate, and Rebel and Gideon struggle with their emotions as they navigate the dark twists of the case. Can both men face their own ghosts to help find a missing woman before it's too late?

Content Warning: contains violence and sexual content

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