June 2019: Featured Sales

During the month of June you can purchase the eBook editions of Pearls of the Past by Judith Johnson, A Summer's Enchantment by Kathleen Ann Gallagher, Spanish Flame by Patricia Bates, Just One More by Stephanie Beck, All Kinds of Naughty by Pepper Anthony, and Intentional Grounding by L.J. Fleming for just 99 cents each!

Pearls Of The Past
Pearls of the Past by Judith Johnson
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $4.99 $0.99

Secrets of the past weave mystical déjà vu that could determine Corrie and Britt's future.

Corrie Nelson is on a mission. For her beloved grandfather's ninety-fifth birthday she wants to create a memory album about the time he spent on Endeavour Island as a young man. She reaches out to Arafura Enterprises—a local company that seems to be involved in everything that occurs on the island—hopeful that they can provide her with assistance. When Corrie arrives at Endeavour Island she experiences an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. She's never been to this island, yet the feeling grows that she belongs there.

Britt Hendricks is the owner of Arafura Enterprises. When he's introduced to Corrie somehow he knows her, although they've never met. He can't understand why she doesn't experience the same deep feeling of recognition, and he becomes frustrated, initially refusing to provide the assistance she has requested. Finally accepting that he's smitten, he makes amends and offers to help her in her quest. And maybe in the process he can win the beautiful woman over and explore this undeniable attraction.

But when they discover family secrets that date back to their great-great-grandparents, it might destroy everything, including their fragile, new relationship.

Content Warning: contains mild language and sex scenes

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A Summers Enchantment
A Summer's Enchantment by Kathleen Ann Gallagher
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $2.99 $0.99

A strange request brings Cassandra and Jake together, but opposite worlds may tear them apart.

Cassandra Wales, an independent and determined registered nurse, finds her plans for the future shattered when her boyfriend dumps her. Her witchcraft made him squirm, but she wasn't about to change for him. Decorating her new home keeps her mind off her failed relationship. She never expected to find an elderly woman, accompanied by her hot and sexy grandson, at her doorstep with an odd request.

Jake Connor is an ambitious, up-and-coming lead singer in a rock band. When his grandmother has a dream about her late husband and she asks him to drive her over to their first home, he doesn't question it. Once there he meets the woman of his dreams. But how can he expect her to take a back seat while he pursues his big break in the exciting world of rock and roll?

Cassandra can't resist Jake's magnetism, yet she has her doubts about a man who has women begging for his attention. Can a rocker and a nurse who practices witchcraft have a future together, or will their different worlds put a halt to their budding romance?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes

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Spanish Flame
Spanish Flame by Patricia Bates
Genre(s): Historical/Western Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $3.50 $0.99

Can an ex-con and a Spanish noblewoman find love?

Ex-convict, Adam Butler, is a man hardened by betrayal and violence. When he lands in Spain, his only intention is to find a paying job so he can buy his way further west, far away from the memories of his past.

Wealthy and beautiful Evangelina Ortega yearns for the ability to marry for love even as her father is forcing her to wed a man she's never met. When she arrives at her betrothed's estate, she meets Adam Butler, a man with secrets and a checkered past.

Can the Spanish lady and the ex-con find happiness or will their love be destroyed by her father's determination to regain the family honor?

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Just One More
Just One More by Stephanie Beck
Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance/Ménage
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $3.99 $0.99

Two is enough, but three could be everything.

Kit and Adam Jacobs know what their marriage needs—Gavan Karik. He's the one man they both want and the only one who can make their relationship complete.

Making Gav part of the family comes with a price. Family, infidelity and self-worth issues plague Gav, but Adam and Kit are willing to tackle those issues if Gav is willing to commit.

For every problem they conquer, another one pops up. Not only are the three adults working to meld a broken family into one, they're also struggling with a blackmailer threatening to out the two men's sexuality and issues with the kids being mistreated at school. With each battle all three have to decide if the vision each sees for the future can match and if the reward is worth the fight.

Content Warning: Strong language, graphic sex, and explicit incidents of laundry washing within.

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All Kinds Of Naughty
All Kinds of Naughty by Pepper Anthony
Genre(s): Erotic Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $2.99 $0.99

A little something for everyone.

The Birthday Surprise
Melanie Blaisdell has had a secret crush on her handsome lawn maintenance guy for years, but Sandy's a good fifteen years her junior. What would he want with a woman about to turn forty? But then she's caught in the act of watching him at work, and he and his buddy Wes invite her to celebrate her birthday with them. Turns out Sandy's had the hots for Melanie too, and the two young men are more than eager to show her just how desirable she still is.

Cuff Me for Christmas
It's been eight long months since Franco and Vanessa called off the wedding, and both are certain there is no way back. Then Vanessa discovers a box of Franco's mementos in her storeroom, including the handcuffs they had used in their favorite sex games. Finding those cuffs sets off a chain of unexpected events that culminate in Franco's bed. Passion flares to life as Vanessa is held captive once again by her most primitive desires. Will their torrid encounter rekindle the flame of their love?

Shadows of Desire
Best-selling horror writer Roderick Williams is on deadline to finish his next book when odd things begin to happen in the old mansion he inherited. When his agent sends a paranormal investigator to check out the problem, Rod is none too happy about it, even though the investigator is a gorgeous blonde. As he struggles to ignore his attraction to Philippa Adams, it almost seems as if the house wants to throw them together. Is his imagination just working overtime, or have they both fallen under some erotic paranormal spell?

Paradise Encounter
Andy and Maya have done business by phone for a year but have never met in person. That is about to change. When the hunky horticulturist and the gorgeous office manager finally meet at the Paradise Nursery, the attraction between them is instant and sizzling hot. Can they manage to keep their relationship businesslike? Or will the temptation to take things further overcome their better judgment? And what will happen next, after their Paradise Encounter?

Lady Blake's Tales for the Queen: Sir Devon and Arrabelle
Lady Blake has served as Storyteller to the queen for some time, and she has learned the type of stories the old woman most enjoys. So tonight she regales the queen with an erotic tale about the arranged pairing of the innocent and lovely Arrabelle and Sir Devon McClare. As the story unfolds, the queen enjoys every salacious detail of the young woman's sexual awakening at the firm hand of her new master. Will the couple's introduction come to an end with this single carnal episode, or are they indeed the perfect love match?

Naked Treats
Attorney Zack Cranston has a problem: he can't keep his mind off his personal chef. The beautiful but reserved Rose Phelps arrives at his condo every other Sunday to cook him a gourmet breakfast…in the nude. It was never his plan to fall for her—he's a confirmed bachelor—but there's something about her that fascinates him. Is it her refusal to reveal anything at all personal, or simply her smoking hot body? Then a fluke changes everything. Lines are irrevocably crossed and passions flare in a way no one could have imagined. Afterward Zack and Rose both have to decide what's most important—guarding their hearts or choosing a whole new future together.

Content Warning: these stories contain explicit sexual activity

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Interntional Grounding
Intentional Grounding by L.J. Fleming
Genre(s): Male/Male, Erotic Contemporary Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $2.99 $0.99

Sometimes the last five yards are the hardest.

Quinn Maxwell is the starting center of the San Diego Kings professional football team, and his life seems to be falling into place. One day, the only person he tried to forget from his college football career, Rory Sinclair, walks back into his life and things are never the same.

With Rory as the new owner of the Kings, Quinn must choose between the game he loves and the man he loves. Things take an unexpected turn when an injury puts Quinn's life in jeopardy and his career on the rocks.

When Rory makes a tough decision, will Quinn ever be the same?

Content Warning: contains hot male-on-male action

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