August 2018: Featured Sales

During the month of August you can purchase the eBook editions of Always and Forever Together by Dilys J. Carnie, Jade's Redemption by Constance Bretes, and The Tranquil Hunters Pride by T. Cobbin for just 99 cents each!

Always And Forever Together
Always and Forever Together by Dilys J. Carnie
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), and epub (for Nook).
Price: $4.99 $0.99

Can Maisy overcome the pain of her past and find happiness?

When Maisy sold her home in the UK and moved to the North Carolina coast with her much loved dog Elsa, she never imagined that she would find love. It certainly wasn't something she was looking for. Maisy doesn't want to be happy. After the loss and heartbreak of her recent past she doesn't believe she deserves happiness. She's just trying to get through each day the best she can.

Jarrod is mesmerized by the woman and her dog who walk past his beach house every day. When he realizes that they met one summer many years ago, it stirs up hidden emotions. But Maisy has been to hell and back and he isn't sure that she's ready for the instant chemistry between them.

Can Jarrod and Maisy find love beneath a thousand stars?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

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Jades Redemption
Jade's Redemption by Constance Bretes
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), and epub (for Nook).
Price: $4.99 $0.99

He's an overworked police chief, and she's a disgraced cop. Can he rescue her from her own depths of hell without losing his heart to her in the process?

Someone is kidnapping newborn infants and selling them to the highest bidder. Police Chief Patrick Carter has his hands full investigating the case. To complicate matters, he's short on staff.

Jade Harlowe has secrets, ones that she vowed no one would ever know. She used to be a police officer, but when a tragedy occurred—one that everyone held her responsible for—she resigned and moved to another state to start over, accepting a job as a dispatcher for the police, fire, and ambulance departments.

When Patrick discovers Jade's past police experience he offers her a job on the force. He needs help working the kidnapping cases, and Jade previously solved a similar case, so she could be a valuable asset. But will they be able to fight the attraction that's sizzling between them? Something that could be very distracting if they can't control it.

The clock is ticking. They have to find those babies and prevent more from being taken. But a very nosy news reporter may compromise everything if she digs deep enough to uncover Jade's past.

Neither Patrick nor Jade thought they had room for each other in their lives, but working so closely together makes it impossible to deny the chemistry. Can Patrick break through the wall Jade has built up around her, or will her past finally catch up with her and she loses everything once again?

Content Warning: contains sexual content

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Tranquil Hunters Pride
The Tranquil Hunters Pride by T. Cobbin
Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance
Formats: pdf (for Adobe Reader), lit (for Microsoft Reader), mobi (for Mobi and Kindle), epub (for Nook), and html.
Price: $3.99 $0.99

Unbeknownst to her, Maddy has an enemy who wants to kill her. Greyback is determined to protect her, even if he has to kidnap her to do it.

Maddy hasn't had the best of luck. She was found on the steps of a church as a baby, then her adoptive parents died in a car crash and she spent years in foster care. Now she finds herself being kidnapped by a sexy man with a six-pack named Greyback.

Grey claims to have known her birth parents. He also claims to be a lion shifter. Oh, and he says she's his mate. And if all that wasn't enough, he also claims there's someone out there—an ex-pack member—who wants to kill her.

Can Greyback keep Maddy safe, and will they find love in the process?

Content Warning: contains strong language, some violence, and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes

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