September 2014 Book Reviews

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers received

A Recommended Read from Harlie's Books
"I was just blown away by the emotional depth"

4 stars fom Foxylutely Books
"Great characters, fabulous storyline and a gorgeous HEA. Loved it!"

Adri at Sassy Moms say Read Romance says:
"I adored it, and look forward to what may come in the future from this author."

Rejecting His Desire

Rejecting His Desire by Dilys J. Carnie received

4 stars from Queen of the Night Reviews
"I enjoyed it and I think you will too."

To Be A Man

To Be A Man by Laura Beth Peters received

4.5 stars from Manic Readers
"A brilliant hero's journey along with a growing up heroine's journey, make To Be A Man a good read"

4 hearts from Sizzling Hot Books
"To Be A Man was my introduction to Laura Beth Peters and it was an impressive introduction. I look forward to reading more books from this talented author."

Sunnys Second Chance

Sunny's Second Chance by Nola Cross received

4 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews
"Sunny's Second Chance is a sweet, empowering story of hope and family and I enjoyed every page."

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