June 2014 Book Reviews

A Love Discovered

A Love Discovered by Ella Jade received

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"I adore the characters"

5 stars from Manic Readers
"Both heroine and hero have a satisfying journey toward enlightenment, and I liked their story. I think you will, too."

Double reviews from Sassy Moms Say Read Romance
Sarah says: "Cali is probably one of my favorite female characters that I have read by Ella Jade"
Adri says: "…this is a great read"

The Last Dig

The Last Dig by Constance Bretes received

A recommended read from Harlie's Books
"I would highly recommend this book if you like mystery with romance."

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"The writing is well executed and the characters well developed."

Executing Justice

Executing Justice by Imogene Nix received

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene

The Assassin

The Assassin by Imogene Nix received

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene

Reality Hero

Reality Hero by Ashlynn Monroe

Jo at Romance Junkies says:
"REALITY HERO has an unexpected premise not only because there are superheroes but also because there is so much evil to be fought. Lots of spandex wearing superheroes, dirty thoughts that can be read by others attuned to them and was another power for some, bad memories, evil scientists, projects and specimens had me on a roller coaster ride throughout."

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