Author Spotlight – Tracey Rogers

1) How long have you been writing for the purpose of publication?
In 2011 I entered a chapter into a writing competition and fell in love with writing all over again. In 2012 I wrote my first book.

2) What's the shortest and/or longest amount of time it's ever taken you to complete a book?
Three months was my shortest time and about nine months for my longest.

3) What is your writing schedule like?
I usually write when my three children are at school. Any weekend words are a bonus.

4) Is there a certain time of the day that you tend to be more creative?
Although I mainly write during school hours, I'm more creative late at night. The notebook at the side of my bed is a good friend of mine.

5) Where is your favorite place to write?
I write in my living room on my sofa. Anywhere away from windows and people really, otherwise I'm easily distracted. Ooh, look at the pretty clouds…

6) What type of environment do you prefer when you write? (ie complete silence, background music, etc)
I write in silence to avoid swaying to music instead of writing. Though I do listen to music first to get the creativity flowing. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse usually does the trick.

7) Are you plotter or a pantser?
I'm a failed plotter. I try to plot each book, but my inner pantser takes over and leads the way.

8) What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
I never expected to bond with my characters so much. Clicking submit is like saying goodbye.

9) Is there a genre you've never written, but you would like to try writing?
I love paranormal and hope to give it a try soon.

10) What advice would you give to a new writer?
If you love writing don't give up. A "no" isn't a "never", it's a "not right now". Use social media as a learning tool, because the writing community is hugely supportive and there is always useful advice shared.

11) What do you think makes a good story?
For me a good story is one that either makes me smile, cry, or both. And I love a good hook to keep me engrossed.

12) Have you ever had writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?
I always know my beginning and ending, but writer's block sneaks in around the middle. I put my writing to one side and read until I've stopped trying to force the next scene. Then when I'm having a shower, not thinking about it at all, inspiration strikes when I have no paper and pen.

13) Who are some of your favorite authors?
There are many, but Beachwalk Babes and friends aside, I would have to say Kresley Cole, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and J.R. Ward.

14) What are you reading at the moment?
I've just finished reading Delayed Justice by Constance Bretes, and now I'm starting Blood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor.

15) What do you do to relax?
I read. A lot! Books are a part of my bedtime routine.

16) What's your favorite way to procrastinate?
Although I call it research, the moment Pinterest has me in its grip I find it hard to leave. Or maybe I don't try hard enough!

17) Chocolate or vanilla, coffee or tea, Coke or Pepsi, dogs or cats, sunrises or sunsets?
Always chocolate! Tea, Pepsi, dogs and cats. And I love sunsets.

18) If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Invisibility. I could do the school run still wrapped up in my writing blanket, and it would so annoy my teens.

19) What's your biggest pet peeve?
Rudeness. I hate when people are belittled.

20) Give us some links where we can find you, please.
You can find me here:

*Leave a comment on this post to be entered into a drawing to win an eBook copy of Daring to Wish by Tracey Rogers. Winner will be chosen on June 13th.*

Daring to Wish
What happens when you dare to wish?

In an effort to regain her independence and break out of her shell, shy Eve Ward writes a daring wish list of all the things she wants to do before her thirtieth birthday. It's a good thing the list is for her eyes only, because some of the items are pretty risqué.

Adrenaline junkie Lucas Riley becomes Eve's "victim" in a kiss-a-stranger dare, and she thinks he's perfect for her one-night-with-a-stranger wish.

With Eve, Lucas thinks he's found the distraction he needs before he has to say goodbye to his bad boy image. When he finds Eve's sexy wish list, he can't keep himself from giving into temptation and sneaking a peek, and wish number eight is impossible for him to resist. Being good can wait.

Eve is thrilled when, out of the blue, Lucas offers to take her skydiving. Her sexy stranger has helped her tick so many wishes off her secret list. Her confidence has grown and now she's having fun both in and out of the bedroom. It seems too good to be true…is it? She can't shake the niggling suspicion that something's not quite right.

Content Warning: contains dizzying heights and sensual sex

3 Responses to Author Spotlight – Tracey Rogers

  • Eve Devon says:

    Great to learn more about you Tracey. Invisibility is a great super-power, particularly if you turn your reading blanket into a cape and get to fly as well :)

  • Great post! I'm a pantser, too. Although usually around the murky middle of a manuscript I curse myself for not being a plotter! And my special power would be firing laser beams from my eyes…you know, to zap bad drivers and the rude people we both have no tolerance for!!!!

  • Michelle O'Neill says:

    This book sound so great I just those to do lists….awesome I can just tell from excerpt I read on amazon that the book is going to be awesome.

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