January 2014 Book Reviews

Vampire Masquerade

Vampire Masquerade by Olivia Starke received

4 kisses from Lipstick Lesbian Reviews
"Once you open this book there is no setting it down!"

4 stars from The Author and The Adventurer
"The characters really bring the life to story, and each one of them were fun to read about."

Arranged Love

Arranged Love by Lacey Wolfe received

5 stars from Intriguing Reads
"This book was really really good."

5 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"… a good weekend read"

Delphina Reads Too Much says:
"Arranged Love was such fun and at times funny, a sweet romance with heat."

5 stars from Miriam Smith
"…delightful novel about finding love in the most unexpected of places in the most unexpected of ways."

4.5 stars from Crystal Donahue
"…a good book that's worth picking up! I recommend!"

Find Me

Find Me by Ella Jade received

5 stars from Mommy's a Book Whore
"…masterfully well written…"

Delphina Reads Too Much says:
"I found it very difficult to put this book down. I really hope Ella continues to explore the paranormal. This one was fun, different, intelligent, and yes, yummy."

A TiffyFit's Reading Corner says:
"What a delightful, romantic read!"

Booklover Sue says:
"This is a fantastic romance and I highly recommend it."

Sarah Says Read Romance says:
"I promise you, you won’t be disappointed when you read this story…"

5 stars from Bethany-Kris Writes
"…kept me captivated from start to finish."

4 stars from Kiru Taye
"…intriguing story…"

S.J. Maylee says:
"Completely entertaining. I really enjoyed this story"

A Week In Milan

A Week in Milan by Aimée Duffy received

5 stars from Guardian's Hangout
"Sexy hot, emotional from page one, you’re going to fall in love all over again…"

4.5 stars from Escaping Reality One Book at a Time
"I absolutely loved this book."

4 stars from Luv Books Galore
"This is a well written, buttery hot, steamy book and I think you should give it a read!"

Brooke Blogs says:
"The story is hot, hot, hot. If you are looking for a quick, steamy read to escape into for the afternoon, this is it. The author does a great job building the characters and providing delicious descriptive details."

Best Fake Day

Best Fake Day by Tracey Rogers received

A rating of 5 from Wanderlust Book Reviews
"Oh, how I loved this book!"

4.7 stars from Renee Entress's Blog
"I recommend this book."

4 stars from Escaping Reality One Book at a Time
"….I absolutely adore this book"

4 stars from What's Beyond Forks
"This was enjoyable from start to finish!"

4 stars from Reading Bliss
"I will look for more titles by this author."

4 stars from Crossroad Readers
"This is a book that will keep you interested and turning the page to read more about Izzy and Jack. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about childhood friends who end up becoming lovers."

4 stars from Racing to Read
"…a very enjoyable story.."

4 stars from Queen of the Night Reviews
"I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Ms. Rogers’ work."

A rating of 4 from Book Freak
"I had fun reading this novel"

4 stars from Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews
"I am definitely going to be looking for more from Ms. Rogers, I enjoyed her storytelling and the beautiful tale she wove!"

Not Everyone's Mama says:
"It was a fun read!"

Booklover Sue says:
"If you enjoy a friends to strangers to lovers romance, this is a great story for you!"

I am, Indeed says:
"Cleverly plotted and quickly paced, Tracey Rogers has added humor, dreams, love, pain and drama to this novella and come up with a winning formula."

Snarky Mom Reads says:
"Great story, will grab your heart and some tears, making this a nice, easy read for a cold winter’s day!"

Romance Bookworm says:
"…this was a fabulous story."

Pages of Comfort says:
"…This one didn't disappoint! Some funny parts and some sad, this was a really good book!"

Book Bitches Blog says:
"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something that is lighthearted and drama free. But still has some steam and is a love story that will leave you smiling in the end."

Storm Goddess Book Reviews says:
"Best Fake Day is a cute, fun contemporary romance that brings together two people that never expected to find a happily ever after with each other."

The Revolving Bookcase says:
"…an enjoyable read…"

Good Books & Good Coffee says:
"Best Fake Day is the story about a fake wedding between two former friends, also is a tale about friendship, dreams, family and a little inspirational dreams."

Amber's Fantasy

Amber's Fantasy by Pepper Anthony received

a "B" from Interracial Romance Book Reviews
"…a cute little love story"

Sarah Says Read Romance says:
"This story taps in to the fantasy of many of us girls, having two men at once. From just the thought, to the flirting, to the actual act, this book takes you through every step and you feel every ounce of anticipation Amber and Ray both feel."

An Archangels Promise

An Archangel's Promise by Jess Buffett

Our Families Adventure says:
"…the book was well written, the story flowed easily, and it kept you wanting to know and read more."

Project Terminal Devils Virus

Project Terminal: Devil's Virus by Olivia Starke received

4 stars from Manic Readers
"…an ebook you can’t put down."

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