November 2013 Book Reviews

Amber's Fantasy by Pepper Anthony received

4.3 stars at Renee Entress's Blog
"Very hot and sexy read!! Can't wait for Pepper's next book."

4 cocktails from Cocktails and Books
"Ms Anthony is definitely talented at writing great love scenes. The chemistry between Ray and Amber was electric."

4 stars from Guardian's Hangout
"The story is well written with likable characters, which are true to life. I give Ms. Anthony four beautiful stars and look forward to reading her next tale."

4 leaves from Falling in Fall
"…this is a wonderful read and I will without a doubt read more books by this author!"

Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess says:
"From beginning to end this was a well-written story that flowed at a nice pace. The characters are likable with issues dealt with realistically. This was my first time reading Ms. Anthony but won't be my last."

Illustrious Illusions says:
"Amber's Fantasy is the first book I've read by Pepper Anthony but I don't think it will be my last. Ms. Anthony creates a world that is relatable and realistic to the reader. The characters have flaws and quirks that make you feel like you just might meet them on the street one day."

Snarky Mom Reads says: "This is a smexily hot read"

I am a Book Addict…and Proud of it says: "Amber's Fantasy was a scorching hot, quick read with a great HEA!"

Taming the Hunted by Larisa Anderson received

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene

Mary's Men by Stephanie Beck

I am a Book Addict…and Proud of it says: "I really enjoyed this book, please take the time to check it out for yourself."

Craves the Angst says: "I'm all about the spice but this one also had a great story to go along with the sexy."

The Weekend Proposition by Ella Jade received

5 hearts from The Romance Studio
"The Weekend Proposition had an absolutely great plot and from the beginning had me keep turning the pages until I was all the way at the end"

Daring to Wish by Tracey Rogers received

an "A" from Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess
"This was a quick read with surprising emotional depth. It was steamy at times yet fun, flirty, and ultimately inspiring. This is the kind of read that is uplifting yet entertaining and has me wanting to read more from this author."

4 stars from Craves the Angst
"This was a sweet, sexy, thrilling little read with a wonderful story and fun characters."

4 cups from Book Freak
"This book – is a total adrenaline rush! I love the thrill and excitement of every activity they do together. It was a short, sweet, steamy read that will make you want to swallow your fear and jump into love."

4 smiley faces from Save Your Money For Books
"I read this entire book in one sitting and after I turned the last page I made a little dreamy sigh and smiled."

Stories About Love says: "This is a fun book and I thoroughly recommend it!"

All Romance Reviews calls it: "…a fun story with lots of adventure and hot sex"

It's Just Love by Kate Richards received

5 books from For the Love of Bookends
"I highly recommend this story from Ms. Richards, she combines magic, love and a bit of steam to give the perfect love story."

5 stars from Reading Bliss
"…I think that everyone should read this book!"

4 stars from Racing to Read
"I liked this story. It is a quick read but has a wonderful plot."

Booklover Sue says: "I really enjoyed this fun, sexy story!"

Taming Johnny by Kaylie Newell

Single Titles says it's: "Another entertaining read from Kaylie Newell."

Project Terminal: Legacy by Olivia Starke

Mammasez.. says it's: "…just an overall enjoyable read"

Project Terminal: Devil's Virus by Olivia Starke

The Romance Studio says:
"This exciting story has all the elements of the paranormal genre. Roaming undead, a virus on the verge of an outbreak, and people scrambling to save lives that puts you in the middle of the chaos. Olivia Starke creates a well written romantic tale that peeks your interest with every page."

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