April 2013 Book Reviews

Southern Embrace by Tamaria Soana received

5 stars from Lusty Penguin Reviews
"Emotional and consuming, Southern Embrace is a novel that is impossible to put down until the last page is turned."

4 stars from Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews
"Southern Embrace is a heartfelt romantic novella that is a wonderful testament to the power of love and second chances."

4 hearts from Romance Book Scene
"Emotional based love story dealing with a hard issue of lost love and finding a way to move to the future."

The Book Maven says: "Southern Embrace is a wonderfully written erotic romance."

Gimme The Scoop Reviews says: "…a really emotional story with two highschool sweethearts trying to make their way back to each other after a painful break-up.

My Seryniti says: "Definitely a great read if you're looking for something easy with romance and little spice!"

Never Say Never by Aimée Duffy

Unwrapping Romance says: "Aimée creates an atmosphere of a developing friendship, kindred spirits, and a couple with whom you'll fall in love."

Kane's Mate by Hazel Gower received

5 stars from Curse of the Bibliophile
"A fast paced plot and a whirlwind of emotions keeps readers on their toes in this thrilling romance. I was hooked from page one and couldn't put the book down."

Opposites Attract by Lacey Wolfe received

4 stars from You Gotta Read Reviews
"The sex is steamy, and the romance is just right."

Addictions of a Sex Demon by Jaye Shields received

4.5 siren stones from Siren Book Reviews
"Jaye Shields has proven herself as a highly talented author of fantasy and erotic literature. Addictions of a Sex Demon is a wonderful story that really draws the reader in and captivates them with sensuality as well as adventure."

Given by Ashlynn Monroe received

4.5 stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
"….a very beautiful erotic romance that I enjoyed a great deal"

Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood received

4 stars from Long and Short Reviews
"A nice entertaining story that left me with a warm feeling inside. I’ll definitely read more by this author."

Make Me Stay by Ella Jade received

5 stars from Mommy's A Book Whore
"If you like steamy romance with light BDSM you will absolutely LOVE Make Me Stay."

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