Steamy Excerpt – Given by Ashlynn Monroe

In a world without choices, one woman will find herself caught in the middle of six men and the emotions they develop for her.

Krista Damiani is one of the last women on Earth, and her patriotic duty is to make babies. On her twenty-first birthday, the government holds a lottery drawing to determine the men who will control her destiny. Her "six", the men who win the right to call her their own, know they have to impregnate her quickly or risk losing her to a new "six".

As society fills with additional violence and unrest, her men keep her sheltered in a fortress of maximum security. When a mysterious man arrives and offers her the chance for freedom, will she be willing to leave the life she knows behind or will she remain "given"?

Content Warning: contains voyeurism, multiple partners, and anal sex




* * * * * * * *

Jared was the first to move. He sat down on the couch next to her. "Can I touch you?" he asked.

Krista didn't trust herself to speak, so she just nodded. Jared's hand slowly began to caress her back. Light strokes skimmed her body so gently that his soft touch caused her to relax a little. With the eyes of so many men on her, she couldn't enjoy the tender caress as much as she might have in private.

"Your skin is really soft." Jared's voice sounded strained. He began brushing the hair off her forehead. "Can I unhook your bra?"

Krista jumped. The question took her by surprise, which was ridiculous, but still the query shocked her inexperienced sensibilities. She gave him a single, tense nod. She heard the subtle sound of the stays unhooking as he pushed the small hooks apart one-by-one. Jared was infinitely tender as he pushed the lace straps off her shoulders and arms. The insignificant bit of fabric fell to the floor unceremoniously. She heard a moan and a gasp from the group of men, but she wasn't sure which ones had made the noises.

Krista managed to look at Jared. His reverent gaze made her flinch; no one had ever looked at her like that before. Prickles tingled inside her core. The first hint of excitement caused her heart to pound. Jared leaned close to her and placed a delicate kiss on her shoulder. He sat up and looked into her eyes. "You have beautiful breasts. May I touch them?"

Her heart was beating so ferociously it hurt. She couldn't speak, couldn't nod. She wasn't sure if she was ready for such an intimate touch. Her back was one thing, but her breasts were entirely different. She cleared her throat. "Start slow," she uttered quietly.

Another groan came from the voyeuristic group still huddled in the doorway. She heard the cracking sound of one of the men hitting the groaner. "Quiet," Max commanded in a loud whisper.

Krista's cheeks were burning again. She refused to let herself look at the other men and focused her attention on Jared.

"Let me know if you want me to stop, okay?" He tilted her chin so that she'd look into his eyes. "I want you to like what I'm doing. If you don't, I will stop."

Her lips pressed together tightly and she nodded, holding her breath. His fingers skimmed the flesh of her nipple so lightly she wondered if she'd imagined his touch. Then he pressed the pads of this thumbs against her skin with more pressure. She groaned.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jared asked quickly.

"No," she croaked out the word with effort.

He gave her a small smile and knelt on the plush carpet in front of her. His precise movements and quiet voice reminded her of someone trying to tame an animal. Am I becoming a tamed creature, a wild thing that needs to be broken for them to ride? Before she could let her mind go to some place dark, Jared's voice interrupted her introspection.

"Thank you for letting me touch your breasts. Can I kiss them?"

Once again, the escalation of his actions caused her a moment of panic. This time she glanced at the group standing in the doorway. They were still dressed, but she could see the evidence of their erections in the bulges of their pants and the hungry looks in their eyes. She turned her attention back to Jared, who was gazing at her anxiously. Reaching out, she touched his face softly. "Okay," she whispered, then took a deep breath, which she held.

He took her small breasts into his hands, and this thumbs swirled around the areolas and nipples gently. The sensation built inside of her and she let go of the breath she was holding. When he leaned forward and placed his lips very softly against her left nipple, she gasped, and then he sucked it into his mouth. She felt the hot wetness against her skin, and as he suckled, he varied the pressure until she cried out again. She looked down, watching his face pressed to her chest. His eyes remained closed, and she reached out to trace his eyelids softly. She ran her fingers over his cheekbones and finally allowed her hands to come to rest on his shoulders. He began tweaking her other nipple with his fingers. Krista closed her eyes and a quiet, albeit slightly primitive, noise issued from her.

She felt heat and her body seemed to hum with need. She realized she wanted more and liked the sensation. "Jared, you're wearing too much clothing," Krista told him, and she could hear the huskiness in her own voice. He glanced up at her and she saw surprise in his eyes.

He pulled away. "Are you sure?"

Shyly, she looked at him through the veil of her eyelashes. "Yes," Krista whispered.

* * * * * * * *

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