Steamy Excerpt – Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood

Can mixing business and pleasure ever result in a happy ending?

When sexy, rich Lawrence Russo asks Mia to come and work for him in Italy for two weeks, she jumps at the chance. After all, it beats pole dancing, and the salary he offers her is practically obscene.

A relationship quickly begins to develop between the two, but Mia can't help but wonder if Lawrence's feelings for her are genuine or if he feels he's just paying for a service.

Even if their relationship is strong enough to survive her insecurities, what will happen when somebody from her past shows up and threatens to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?

Content Warning: explicit sex




* * * * * * * *

"What are you smirking about?" Lawrence asked.

"Oh, nothing." Mia downed the rest of her glass of wine as she finished her meal. Lawrence leaned across to pour her another almost instantly. "I hope you're not trying to get me drunk, Mr. Russo."

Lawrence cocked his head to the side. "I don't think there will be any need for that."

Mia bit her lip, making sure she kept eye contact. It was on.

"Why don't I get the dessert?" He got up and cleared the plates. Mia wouldn't have minded having him for dessert; his ass was just so hot in those jeans.

They kept the conversation light through dessert, but as the wine continued to flow, electricity began to build when their knees grazed under the table or their hands accidently touched. This definitely felt much more like a first date than Mia's first day of employment.

"Do you want me to wash the dishes?" Mia asked as they sat in a loaded silence.

"No, that's why I have a housekeeper. Nicola will do it in the morning." Lawrence's eyes were intense as they stared at her and Mia shivered in excitement.

"Then I think I'll go freshen up." She got up from the table and left the room. As she walked up the stairs to her bedroom, she glanced around to see if he'd gotten the message. He obviously had, he was at the doorway watching her.

So what now? Mia wondered as she finished up in her en-suite. She slicked on some extra lip gloss and pouted at herself in the mirror. Hesitating for a second, she slipped off her panties and bra so that she was just wearing her light dress and heels. There was no denying what was building between them.

As Mia left her room, she heard a soft whisper beckoning her from down the hall. "Mia." She turned to see Lawrence leaning his back against a doorframe, looking uncharacteristically boyish. His face was playful. "I don't believe I showed you my room when I gave you the tour earlier."

Mia felt a wave of desire wash over her, but there was also something else, not so pleasant, which she couldn't quite place. She swallowed and tried to forget about it, it was too late to turn back now.

Lawrence's room was huge, and she swore he must have gotten his bed custom made, because she didn't even know that they came in that size. Like the dining room earlier, the room was filled with candles and smelled faintly of vanilla. Lawrence sat on the edge of the bed and reached for her hand, pulling her toward him. He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her gently on the mouth, his eyes burned into her with longing, triggering her own reaction. She felt a tingling between her lips and kissed him back with vigor.

"You're so beautiful." Lawrence breathed in her ear. "I wanted to take this slow, but…" He didn't need to explain as she touched the hard-on straining against his jeans. He groaned quietly and traced his finger up the inside of her thigh. When he realized that she wasn't wearing panties, he pulled away from her with an expression of mild shock. But he seemed pleased and, holding her gaze, he teased her opening with his fingers. "You're wet."

Suddenly, he pushed her off him, and with one movement, he pulled her dress over her head so that she was standing naked in front of him.

* * * * * * * *

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